Sun 24 Mar 2019

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Vocational Qualification of Women: Empowering or Stereotyping the Syrian Women’s Role?

Aliaa started her professional life within the small frame of her acquaintances, in an attempt at investing what she learned […]

Idlib: Charity Shop Offers Persons with Disabilities Free Products

In the city of Idlib, a humanitarian organization has opened a charity shop, which offers free clothes to people with […]

Idlib: Blood Bank in Darkush

In the town of Darkush, western Idlib, the “al-Rahma” Hospital (Mercy) launched a blood bank that provides thalassemia patients with […]

First Dialysis Center in Raqqa

The National Hospital in the city of al-Tabqah / al-Thawrah, rural Raqqa, announced the opening of the first dialysis center, […]

Arts and Literature Festival In Qamishli,  “The Woman, the Soul of Life and the Alphabet of Literature”

Last week, in the city of Qamishli, the fourth edition of the women’s Art and Literature Festival was held, covering […]

State of services is worsening in Daraa

  The level of the facilities provided in the service sectors in Daraa governorate has witnessed a noticeable deterioration, compared […]

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