Since its establishment, EnabBaladi works to expand its network and to build strategic partnerships and alliances with local and international partners including organizations which support free media and democracy in Syria.

EnabBaladi has received financial and professional support from the following organizations:

  • European Internews Organization (Internews)
  • Association for the Support of Free Media (ASML)
  • Free Press Unlimited (FPU)
  • Adopt a Revolution
  • National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
  • European Endowment for Democracy (EFD)
  • International Media Support (IMS)
  • Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)
  • Democracy Council
  • French Media Cooperation (CFI) and CFI Ebticar  Banner 

Enabbaldi joined local and international alliances to help in developing new media in Syria and enhancing its role in conserving Syrian collective memory. The most prominent of these alliances are:

  • Ethical Charter for Syrian Media adopted by Ethical Journalism for Syria Alliance (EJSA).The objective of the Charter is to draft an ethical charter for new Syrian media. Approximately 30 local media organizations adopted the Charter.
  • International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC). It includes more than 185 organizations around the world which work on conserving memory and history of peoples in conflicts.
  • Syrian Network of Print-Media (SNP). It is a media alliance that includes five local Syrian newspapers: EnabBaladi, Sada al-Shaam, Souriatna, AllSyrians, and Tamddon.

EnabBaladi implemented a number of important media projects such as:

  • Syrian Print-Media Archive, an Enab Baladi national project to preserve the Syrian memory, started in 2013 till present:
  • Oral History Documentation Project: in partnership with ICSC, 2014.
  • Syria Regional Program: in partnership with Chemonics International, 2014.
  • Printing and Distributing Print-Media inside and outside Syria: through the Syrian Network for Print-Media (SNP), 2014-2016