Tue 25 Feb 2020

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Israeli airstrike on Damascus for fourth time since beginning of 2020

Israel has launched its third air raid in a month and the fourth since the beginning of this year on […]

Aarsal.. cold town for Syrian refugees living in northern Lebanon

Ali Darwish | Zainab Masry |Mais Chitian Umm Tariq lives with her three children in constant suffering inside a tent […]

Eastern Euphrates region back to scene as Turkish military moves shuffle cards in region

The “eastern Euphrates region” has returned to the scene of intense violence and fighting in Syria. A series of events […]

Three Turkish military operations in Syria… big countries supporting parties against Ankara’s wishes

Turkey has completed preparations for a military operation against the Syrian regime forces, which continue taking over areas in the […]

Under Russian eyes, US forces target Syrian-regime controlled checkpoint and kill one person

One Syrian man was reportedly killed in a clash between the National Defense Force (NDF), a pro- Syrian government militia, […]

Erdogan warns Syrian regime’s warplanes… Did Surface-to-air missiles finally arrive at opposition hands?

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyib Erdogan, said that the Syrian regime’s warplanes that have been bombing residential areas will no […]

Signs of near implementation of Turkish military threats in Idlib

 Residents of Idlib province and its countryside in northern Syria awaits in fear the outcomes of the Turkish-Russian talks. This […]

Assad’s helicopter shot down in Saraqib city in Idlib countryside

Syrian opposition factions have initiated a military operation on the axis of  Saraqib city in the eastern countryside of Idlib, […]

How do employees earn their living in Damascus these days? Through legitimate or twisted ways?

Damascus – Nour Al-Huda Kheyata Press reports have always talked about the cost of living in “the world’s oldest”, poorest, […]

Education deteriorates in “settlement” areas in al-Qunaytirah province

The educational process has been deteriorating in the province of al-Qunaytirah, in the south of Syria, since the “settlement” deal […]

Peaceful sit-in to topple local council of Qabasin in rural Aleppo

Yasser al-Abdullah, a resident from the town of Qabasin in north-eastern Aleppo, took part in a peaceful sit-in to bring […]

Efforts to develop IDP camp in northern Syria

A series of attacks in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province, mounted by the Russian-backed Syrian regime forces, has resulted in higher […]

Aarsal.. cold town for Syrian refugees living in northern Lebanon

Ali Darwish | Zainab Masry |Mais Chitian Umm Tariq lives with her three children in constant suffering inside a tent […]

Councils of northern Aleppo… Administrative roles governed by political and military circumstances

Murad Abdul Jalil | Mais Hamad | Ali Darwish In one of the offices of al-Bab Local Council in Aleppo […]

Caesar Act and Syria’s international highways… Companies that may reconsider their calculations, amid prepared sanctions

Enab Baladi – Taim al-Haj With a Russian air and Iranian ground support, the Syrian regime is desperate for controlling […]

Automated crisis: adverse impacts of “Smart Card” system on Syrians

The story of the scientific-technological revolution, including automation technologies, has become reportedly widespread in the statements made by officials in […]

How can residents of Daraa legalize “their smuggled vehicles”?

The use of the term “burnt vehicles” has spread across the province of Daraa in southern Syria, which refers to […]

Stolen furniture of rural Idlib is sold at loot markets of Homs 

“Tafeesh” loot markets have proliferated in Syria since waves of forced displacement started. The Syrian regime forces took over the […]

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