Mon 22 Jul 2019

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“Isolation Strategy”: Sanctions an EU-US Measure to Suffocate Assad

As the Syrian regime continues to obstruct and delay a political solution, and refuses to make any concession leading to […]

Idlib: Warplanes Rendered Six Vital Facilities out of Services within Two Days

The aerial raids initiated by the Syrian and Russian warplanes in Idlib have rendered six medical and service facilities completely […]

Afrin: Civilians, IDPS Included, Die in Booby-trapped Car Blast

Nine civilians are dead, and others are wounded, this is the initial death toll of the explosion of a booby-trapped […]

Opposition Factions Take Control Of Strategic Area In Hama Governorate

Opposition factions have taken control of the strategic town of al-Hamamiyat and its surrounding hills in northern Hama Governorate after […]

Syrian Security Apparatus Undergo Several Amendments

It is known that the Syrian regime refrains from officially announcing the amendments it applies to its security services or […]

Daraa at Crossroads with the End of the Settlement Agreement

Daraa governorate is today anticipating an unknown fate, now that the settlement agreement/legalization of status of men required to join […]

Hardliner Wing of Guardians of Religion Loses Its Most Influential Figures

Similar to other Islamic and Jihadist groups in Syria, the Guardians of Religion Organization’s (GOR) internal structure is composed of […]

Universities Of  East Euphrates: Educational Programs Without International Recognition

Despite the universities’, built-in north-eastern Syria, attempts to adopt new education systems, the universities are facing many difficulties, most notably […]

Land Trips from Saudi Arabia to Syria: A Leap Over Diplomatic Schisms

Like many Syrians, Sarah had not seen her family for more than five years, separated by the vast distance between […]

Upon the Suspension Of Support: Medical Services At Risk In North Syria

Hama and Idlib healthcare directorates announced  the suspension of the European-supported empowerment project, which means that the salaries of medical […]

Project Mapping Service Centers in Idlib for IDPs’ Sake

A meeting bringing together humanitarian organizations and local councils, during which IDPs were offered explanatory brochures – July 9, 2019 […]

Hamas and Syrian regime: Unstable relationship and conflicting positions

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Murad Abdul Jalil |Dia Odeh | Mohamed Homs On a podium inside the Palestinian city of […]

Compulsory military recruitment in Jazira Region: SDF imposing their authority

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Dia Odeh |Mohamed Homs | Ninar Khalifa “Some think that the homeland is farmland to which […]

“Isolation Strategy”: Sanctions an EU-US Measure to Suffocate Assad

As the Syrian regime continues to obstruct and delay a political solution, and refuses to make any concession leading to […]

Western Sanctions Blocking Two Waterways From Iran To Syria

The European and American sanctions blocked the sea lane passages on Iranian vessels, heading to Syria, in a move to […]

Main Water Station in Maarat al-Nu’man Out of Service

The main water refilling station in Maarat al-Numan, Idlib Countryside, was being hit by shelling on Friday (July 7), which […]

House Owning Project for Displaced Persons In Sarmada: Opportunity or Material Burden?

Recent waves of displacement are causing overpopulation in Northern Syria’s border areas, and most of the IDPs are struggling to […]

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