Sat 08 Aug 2020

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Russia to set the timer of the ‘south’ bomb.. What are the possibilities of an outbreak of war?

Zainab Masri / Saleh Malas / Abdullah al-Khatib Wearing the Syrian army’s uniform, and in the presence of the Russian […]

Syrian economy resumes activity… Poverty and bankruptcy outweigh Coronavirus 

Enab Baladi – Murad Abdul Jalil “The virus of poverty, hunger, and bankruptcy is more dangerous than any other virus.” […]

Syrian regime releases dozens of detainees, leaving many more to unknown fate

Enab Baladi – Ninar Khalifa Social media pages and networks covering the issue of Syrian detainees, as well as personal accounts […]

Crossings between Idlib and Aleppo countryside re-open

The General Administration of Crossings of the so-called Salvation Government(SG), operating in the areas controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) […]

Syrian regime saves more than seven hundred and eighty thousand US dollars due to falling global oil price

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Syrian regime’s government announced that it has saved more than one […]

Turkey takes new steps for establishing high committee for military coordination in Syria’s Idlib 

The Turkish government keeps trying to re-arrange its military cards in the war-battered province of Idlib, northern Syria, and integrate […]

New blood achievement in the People’s council of Syria reflects Russian-Iranian quotas

Enab Baladi – Yamen Moghrabi Syrian parliamentary elections held by the Syrian regime on 19 July, have sparked a lot […]

What do Mazloum Abdi’s actions hold for the future of the Euphrates region?

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish The actions of Mazloum Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have […]

Russia enters areas of Turkish influence for “settling scores” 

The letters of escalation between Turkey and Russia are back to the forefront once again in northern Syria, after nearly […]

Man in the news: Bassem Sudan “a parliament member” heads a military militia

Enab Baladi –  Saleh Malas  “Rebuilding minds and fixing souls are the biggest challenges, not rebuilding the infrastructure (…) and […]

Silent tactics in Idlib… Russians prepare to shoot down “drones”

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish – Yousef Ghuraibi Since the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement came into force in 5 of last […]

first-graders to resit… a tool to remedy effects of school suspension in Daraa

Enab Baladi – Daraa On 11 last May, the Ministry of Education in the government of the Syrian regime set […]

Daily wages do not cover expenses of agricultural workers in Daraa

Enab Baladi – Daraa countryside “I am unable to secure my family’s expenses, as the prices are high and wages are […]

North-western Syria: Sarmin experiences for the first time Coronavirus lockdown 

Enab Baladi – Idlib “The coronavirus lockdown imposed on the rebel-held town of Sarmin, prevented me from entering the city […]

Is it sufficient to join efforts to curb COVID-19 northern Syria?

We are not afraid of the disease, in these words Hajj Amer al-Khatib, an internally displaced person in “al-Falah” camp, […]

Crimes in Syria… media coverage increases anxiety

Nour Aldeen Ramadan | Yamen Moghrabi | Khawla Hafezi Motivated by theft, a murder in which three children and their […]

Syrian drugs all over the world

Ali Darwish | Nour Aldeen Ramadan | Khawla Hafezi Piles of a white substance, inside commercial containers of different companies, […]

How property transactions are registered in Idlib

People’s right to dispose of their property is governed by several laws in Syria, which regulate the sale, lease, or […]

New report on risks of Yarmouk camp’s new master plan

The “Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria (AGPS)” has issued a recent report highlighting the risks underlying Damascus governorate’s […]

Established after 1948… Camps of Palestinian refugees in Syria

Since 1948, displaced Palestinian refugees have come to Syria and settled in nine official camps. They became part of the […]

Human rights activists warn residents of Yarmouk Camp against selling their properties to warlords

Human rights sources have warned the Yarmouk Camp residents against selling their properties to warlords who try to exploit the […]

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