Fri 22 Nov 2019

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Daraa: demonstrations and attacks more than a year after the “settlement”

The revolutionary mood returned to Daraa governorate with demonstrations and protests against the Syrian regime and its security apparatus. While armed attacks return the city to the pre-settlement agreement phase, a year and a half ago.

Water buffalos: an endangered livestock in northern Syria

The water buffalo has become an endangered species in the Hama countryside due to the long war conditions that has led to the loss of hundreds of buffaloes.

Syrian civil society and the Constitutional Committee

Civil society delegation is divided between supporters of the Syrian regime, and others emphasizing their independence

Al-Assad blows up political process with three Noes

“This will only be in your dreams,” the Syrian regime's president, Bashar al-Assad, summarizing his rejection of any future political solution that contradicts his vision.

Israel claims intercepted rockets came from Damascus

Meanwhile, Russia’s Sputnik news agency said that the Syrian air defenses shot down several missiles, which were probably of Israeli origin, near Damascus airport.

Russia announces Syrian regime control over Tishrin dam

Russian media outlets reported that Syrian regime forces regained control over the hydroelectric power station at Tishrin dam on the Euphrates River near the city of Aleppo.

A third Russian military base in Syria?

Enab Baladi – Taim al-Haj The city of Qamishli and its airport, have witnessed a remarkable development due to Russia’s […]

U.S armoured vehicles enter Qamishli through Syrian regime checkpoint

A U.S convoy composed of several armoured vehicles entered the city of Qamishli through a checkpoint controlled by Syrian regime forces.

No medications for cancer patients in Syrian public hospitals

Cancer medications among the most difficult, and expensive, to source; amid severe shortages in Syrian public hospitals

Olive harvest workers risk their lives to make a living in Idlib

Olive harvesters in northern Syria have to risk their lives daily to earn their keep

Flooding of the Queiq River threatens the village of Arshaf

With the start of the rain season in northern Aleppo Governorate, the feelings of anxiety and fear began to haunt the residents of al-Arshaf town and a number of nearby villages on the Queiq River basin.

New housing complex to accommodate most vulnerable IDPs in al-Bab city

On 7 November, after six months of construction work and preparation, a new housing complex, near al-Bab city, was inaugurated […]

Field executions: a weapon used by all parties in the Syrian conflict

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Ninar Khalifa | Mohamed Homs | Mourad Abdul Jalil Only four days after the beginning of […]

ISIS prisoners in Syria: what fate awaits them?

Enab Baladi’s investigation team. Nainar Khalifa, Taym al-Hadj, Hibaa Shehadeh and Mohammed Hummos   “The Kurds opened the doors and […]

Amid frequent power cuts, efforts made to renegotiate electricity contracts in Azaz

The developments come after the residents of Azaz protested against an increase in the price of electricity by the Turkish supplier, AK Energy.

Parts of the Yalbugha project in central Damascus is to open after 40 years

Sahnaya, a Syrian news network, posted on Facebook on 19 November that a parking garage was opened in the Yalbugha complex to reduce traffic congestion in Marjeh area in central Damascus.

No red meat at dinner tables in Daraa

The price of a kilogram of lamb reached about 6,000 Syrian Pounds (SYP), after it was in the range of 4,500 SYP during the previous months

Syrian Pound in free fall against the US dollar

The value of the Syrian Pound (SYP) fell sharply to its lowest exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in history, […]

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