Army soldiers pay to evade service; Officers demand skyrocket “tariff”

Homs – Orwah al-Mundhir Recruits in the reserve and retention service in the Syrian army resort to paying sums of […]

Saudi hint: Will Riyadh follow Abu Dhabi’s approach towards Damascus

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa The issue of the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and the Syrian regime has recently returned […]

On way to Damascus, is Ankara trying to “please” Washington, Tehran

Enab Baladi – Hussam al-Mahmoud Without offering any indication of progress or regression in the course of the file, several […]

Al-Hasakah: A year since prison attack; SDF restrictions continue in Ghweran neighborhood

Al-Hasakah – Majd al-Salem The residents of the Ghweran neighborhood in the northeastern al-Hasakah governorate have been suffering from continuous […]

Amidst Syrian calm, Israel secures borders of occupied Golan Heights

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa Israel’s military mechanical vehicles began working on constructing and paving a road inside Syrian territory, […]

Fourth Division tightens grip on border crossings with Jordan, Lebanon

Enab Baladi – Khaled al-Jeratli The Syrian regime has made adjustments to the security apparatus at the border crossings in […]

US grants $15 million for independent Syrian media, regime is angry

The US Department of State announced a grant of $15 million to support independent Syrian media. The United States Department […]

Syrians seek psychological therapy in Turkey but “too expensive”

Enab Baladi – Lujain Mourad “Despite my mother’s great concern and excessive fear for us, I have not been spared […]

Security clearance in Homs turns a bribe gate

Homs – Orwah al-Mundhir Many Syrians, inside or outside the country, are forced to appoint offices to handle their transactions, […]

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Victims Association in quest to hold perpetrators accountable

Enab Baladi – Saleh Malas One day after the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against the people of the eastern […]

Darkush-Azmarin Road: Suspended maintenance project disturbs residents’ livelihood

Enab Baladi – Idlib countryside Traffic safety standards are absent from most of the public roads in the western countryside […]

Mass graves in northeastern Syria; Thousands of dead without identity

Enab Baladi – Lujain Mourad “Until this day, we cannot say, may Allah have mercy on him,” Raifa al-Haj Salih […]

Following “Captagon Act”, Will Washington put al-Assad on Noriega’s track

Jana al-Issa | Hassan Ibrahim The anti-narcotics bill to disrupt and dismantle the Syrian regime-run drug trade was born after […]

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Maydanki dam cracked; what is the consequence?

The Maydanki dam in the northern city of Afrin was exposed to huge longitudinal and transverse cracks as a result […]

Commercial registry turns additional burden on sellers in Syria

Enab Baladi – Hussam al-Mahmoud A few weeks ago, the issue of the commercial registry in the areas controlled by […]

“Out of coverage area”; constant electricity outage disrupts internet services, life in Homs

Enab Baladi – Homs The central governorate of Homs suffers from the absence of telecommunication coverage and internet service in […]

Stuck between courts of two authorities: property recovery lawsuits exhaust al-Hasakah residents

Enab Baladi – Majd al-Salem Upon requesting the zoning plan of his land from the Qamishli Municipal Council in order […]

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