Thu 19 Sep 2019

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After Ankara Summit, FSA Commander Introduces Terms Of New Idlib Agreement

A leader of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Mustafa Sejari, introduced the terms which he described as belonging to the […]

Three Syrian Files on Astana’s Table In Ankara

The Turkish capital, Ankara, is witnessing the fifth round of the Astana’s trio talks on Syria where Turkey, Russia and […]

HTS Arrests Abu Al-Abd Ashidaa For Addressing Corruption

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) arrested one of its key commanders, Abu al-Abd Ashidaa, after he published a video, addressing […]

Southern Idlib Target For Most Violent Airstrikes Since “Ceasefire” Announced

Syrian regime-affiliated aircraft, Sukhoi 24, targeted towns in southern rural Idlib, violating the one-sided ceasefire declared by Russia last week. […]

Four Syrian Areas Ruled By Foreign Patrols

Carrying out patrols in the Syrian areas, ruled by deals and agreements between so-and-so sides to the conflict, has become […]

Idlib: HTS Releases Surgeon It Kidnapped And Apologizes

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) released the orthopedic surgeon Othman al-Hassan after kidnapping him from the Bab al-Hawa Hospital, Idlib, […]

Daraa: 18 Assassinations In August Alone

The Penal Department of the Daraa Martyrs Documentation Office (DMDO) recorded the assassinations that continue to spur a state of […]

Residents Of Homs Countryside Buying Loaf Of bread At Free Price

Although more than a year and a half passed since the Syrian regime forces took control of the northern countryside […]

Kassab Crossing: Northern Office Responsible For “Settlements”  

A narrow mountain road, barely fitting two cars, one heading south towards Syrian territory, and the other returning to the […]

Returning Displaced People Warned Against War Explosive Remnants In Idlib

Amid a cautious calm, areas in the southern countryside of Idlib started witnessing a relative return of residents to their […]

Activist “Bilal Krayem’s” School Receives Camps’ Children In Idlib

Activists in Idlib countryside inaugurated a school named after the media activist killed during a bombing while distributing bread to […]

Syria’s Roads: Waiting For Investors

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Dia Odeh – Murad Abdul Jalil   Before 2011, four hours or less would be enough […]

Thousands Of Forcibly Disappeared People In Syria: Absent Yet Their Rights Are Fully Present

On the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance, Anas remembers his friend, Abu Emad, who has long been held […]

Russia To Return Dismissed Employees To Fertilizers Company In Homs

The Russian Stroytransgaz Company has contacted several of the Homs-based General Fertilizers Company’s dismissed employees, willing to return them to […]

Damascus International Fair: Media Success That Numbers Denied

The activities of the 61st Damascus International Fair, which was held in the Syrian capital between August 28 and September […]

Mohammed Hamsho: “Corruption” With Multiple Bodies, But One Head

Mohammad Hamsho’s, the Syrian businessman, going up the ladder in the 1990s, arrival into enormous economic sectors and the rapid […]

“Reconstruction” Might Lead To Further Human Rights Violations in Syria, Report Says

Under the title “Business Activity Linked to Human Rights in Syria,” the Syrian Legal Development Program (SLDP) has issued a […]

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