A torn school book for a primary school student in the coastal Latakia city - September 2023 (Enab Baladi/Linda Ali)

Qamishli: Private hospitals charge more than residents can afford

Qamishli – Rita Ahmed Anas al-Khalil had to transfer his six-year-old son to the private al-Salam Hospital in the city […]

A memorial photo of the Jeddah summit attended by Arab leaders, including the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, and the head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad al-Alimi - May 19, 2023 (Saudi Foreign Ministry)

Four countries override Russia’s veto to bring aid into northern Syria

Enab Baladi – Abdul Karim al-Thalji As the Russian veto continues to be used to prevent the extension of humanitarian […]

Tahrir al-Sham tests Turkey over a strategic crossing; Ankara halts HTS greed

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim Turkish forces backed by the Syrian National Army (SNA) have halted the incursion of Hayat […]

Abdollahian visit: Iran is present in Syrian regime chaos

Enab Baladi – Hussam al-Mahmoud The two-day visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Syria on August 30 carried a […]

Three scenarios await Tahrir al-Sham following al-Qahtani’s dilemma

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim The powerful Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is still living under the impact of the “Infiltration and […]

Reasons behind the entry delay of UN cross-border aid into northwestern Syria

Enab Baladi – Muhammed Fansa A month has passed since the oral “understanding” between the United Nations and the Syrian […]

The Hague opens door for other trials against Syrian regime

Enab Baladi – Baraa Khattab After the International Court of Justice (ICJ) postponed the date of its first session in […]

A swimming pool in the city of Idlib, northwestern Syria - September 5, 2023 (Enab Baladi/Anas al-Khouli)

Beauty centers are active in Idlib despite deteriorating living conditions

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim Fares feels happy after some of the deformities in his six-year-old daughter’s hand disappeared following […]

Private or public schools: “Best of which is bitter” for Syrian children in Lebanon

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim Three months ago, before the start of the current school year in Lebanese schools, Fatima, […]

A child with special needs in the Ras al-Ain camp in al-Hasakah - August 5, 2023 (Enab Baladi/Majd al-Salem)

As WFP cuts assistance, 2.5 million Syrians out of food ration lists

Enab Baladi – Idlib The World Food Program’s (WFP) move to cut food and cash-for-food assistance for nearly half of […]

Earthquake turns Syrian relief organizations from a savior into a victim

Enab Baladi – Lujain Mourad “The team that was recording the victims has become a victim,” the head of the […]

Economic Malfunction: People’s need is 55 times minimum salary in Syria

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa In the face of a sharp decline in the value of wages in regime-controlled areas, […]

Syrian political figures led the Opposition Coalition (SOC) (Edited by Enab Baladi)

As conflict grows, Eastern Euphrates region on “a Hot Tin Roof”

Enab Baladi – Khaled al-Jeratli Since the control of the last strongholds of the Islamic State group in 2019, the […]

Rise in cigarette prices brings Daraa smokers back to hand rolling method

Daraa – Halim Muhammad In light of the deteriorating living conditions and the decline in purchasing power for a large […]

Syrian economy is without vision or strategic plans

Enab Baladi – Yamen Moghrabi Syria is experiencing a severe economic and living crisis in light of the stagnation in […]

Poor seeds spoil watermelon season in Ras al-Ain

Ras al-Ain – Hussein Shaabo Large losses were incurred by watermelon farmers in the Ras al-Ain region, northwest of al-Hasakah, […]

Periodic rise in fuel prices to serve regime affiliate businesses

During the past two months, there have been numerous decisions to raise fuel prices by the Ministry of Trade and […]

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