Syrian regime’s 4th Division charging people passing through Aleppo unreasonable transit fees

Aleppo-Enab Baladi  Nizar, a resident of Aleppo city, who requested that his last name be withheld for security reasons, paid […]

Troops immunization against COVID-19 begins at Russian Khmeimim air base

The Russian command in Khmeimim Air Base has started immunizing troops against the COVID-19 virus, while none of the Syrian […]

Islamic State in the Syrian Desert: an enemy used by different parties for strategic objectives

Enab Baladi – Nour al-Deen Ramadan The so-called Islamic State (IS) attacks in the Syrian Desert have been targeting officers, […]

Failing precautionary measures, unmet funding, and mistrust: What future lies ahead of COVID-19 vaccine in Syria?

Luay Ruhaibani| Saleh Malas| Habaa Shehadeh| Diana Rahima Late 2020 official statements that final tests of the developed vaccines for […]

Al-Ghab Plain: an exposed area whose farmers are at risk due to regime’s targetings

On 26 December, three civilians from one family, Maneef, his son Abboud, and his brother Khaled, were killed by an […]

Would Syrians never have an Alexei Navalny of their own?

Enab Baladi-Diana Rahima In 2020, the Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny survived an assassination attempt, while Germany confirmed that he […]

Conscription by SDF agonizing Raqqa residents

Raqqa—Hussam al-Omar It has been two years since Jaber, who works in a car repair shop, was stuck in Raqqa […]

Al-Sukhna predominated by security chaos as regime and Iranian forces grapple with IS

Homs—Orwa al-Mundhir In the depths of the Syrian desert, the “strategic” al-Sukhna district, stretching from the eastern borders of Palmyra […]

Al-Assad placates southern Syria before elections

 Enab Baladi-Louay Rhebani Less than two months before Syria’s presidential elections, scheduled to be held in April, the Syrian regime […]

Video wars: Jihadist groups in Syria waging media battles against each other

Enab Baladi—Ali Darwish Jihadist groups in Syria have been retreating from the media spotlight. Keeping a low-profile, little to none […]

Why is Israel stepping up predawn airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria?

In recent months, Israel has intensified its night-time airstrikes against Iran-linked sites in Syria in order to reduce Iran’s military […]

No treatment, no privacy: Syrian women giving birth in displacement camps

Enab Baladi-Jana Alisa Seeing the two red lines of a pregnancy test could be an indication of future happiness in […]

Syria’s al-Bab: Teachers renew cry over low pay and absence of teacher’s union

Aleppo countryside – Asim Melhem “I believe that teaching is a sacred profession and that a teacher has a crucial […]

Lebanese authorities hinder solution to flooding crisis in Arsal camps for Syrian refugees

The precautionary and confinement measures imposed by the Lebanese authorities due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic […]

Female trainees learn mobile phones maintenance in Idlib

Recently, the Glimpse of Hope organization that is centered on women empowerment published images on its social media platforms showing […]

Syrian detainees: charter on the path to justice

Ali Darwish | Amal Rantisi| Nour al-Din Ramadan| Saleh Malas Since his arrest in July 2013, I wake up every […]

Innocent here; convict there: two separate judiciaries in northern Syria

Enab Baladi | Ali Darwish A few meters separate the two territories controlled by opposition de facto authorities in northern […]

One month since Autonomous Administration stopped fuel supplies to Syrian regime

It has been a month since northeast Syria’s Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration stopped sending petroleum tank trucks to the Syrian regime-held […]

High prices of egg and chicken change shopping habits of people in regime-held Daraa

Daraa – Halim Muhammad “It takes me two days’ work  to buy my family one chicken, weighing about 2 kg. […]

Raqqa residents fear long fuel lines, like those in Syrian regime-held areas 

Raqqa-Hussam al-Omar Residents of the Syrian regime-held governorates have become accustomed to scenes of long queues at fuel stations. Yet, […]

Deteriorating security situation threatens the economy of the eastern gate of Aleppo

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish Mahmoud Zuaiter, a 35-year-old store owner in the town of al-Dana, north of Idlib, cannot […]

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