Al-Ghab Plain: an exposed area whose farmers are at risk due to regime’s targetings

On 26 December, three civilians from one family, Maneef, his son Abboud, and his brother Khaled, were killed by an […]

Amid economic challenges, Haurani raha maintains its top spot as Daraa’s favorite sweet

Daraa – Halim Muhammad In a factory for Syrian delight “raha”, Younes, a young man from Daraa province, puts down […]

What is the infection rate of Coronavirus in northern Syria’s camps?

Camps of northern Syria have been witnessing increasing cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, according to the Syrian Response Coordination Group […]

Factors pushing citizens to sell their properties in Syria’s Idlib 

“Everything has changed, and I don’t think of going back to Syria, especially after leaving it for 20 years.” These […]

Military build-up in western Daraa… Guardians of Religion used as a pretext by Russia

Daraa – Halim Muhammad The 4th Division forces, led by Maher al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian regime president Bashar […]

Israel attacks expose Syrian air defense weakness

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish Israel has repeatedly bombed positions within Syrian territory amid Syrian air defenses’ failure to intercept, […]

Aleppo Countryside: makeshift oil refineries bombed repeatedly; perpetrators still unknown

On Saturday, 9 January 2020, huge fires were reported in the makeshift oil refineries area, north of Idlib city, caused […]

Idlib: Turkish forces ramp up surveillance following attacks by new armed group

On Saturday, 9 January, the Turkish military mobilized forces to Bab al-Hawa-Idlib highway to scan the surrounding areas for explosives. […]

Islamic State in the Syrian Desert: an enemy used by different parties for strategic objectives

Enab Baladi – Nour al-Deen Ramadan The so-called Islamic State (IS) attacks in the Syrian Desert have been targeting officers, […]

Ma`arat al-Nu`man: five years since the “Justice Place” massacre

On the morning of 9 January 2016, the Russian air force launched four missiles on Ma`arat al-Nu`man, a city south […]

High charges of dentists open door to wandering untrained dental therapists in Syria’s Homs

Homs – Orwah al-Mundhir Under the winter sunlight of December, Abdullah sits on his small wooden chair, opening his mouth […]

After war destruction and UN’s restoration: Threats face merchants of Covered Market in Old City of Homs

Homs – Orwa al-Mundhir In the ancient market of Naoura, at the heart of the Old City of Homs, particularly […]

Displaced people in northwestern Syria face freezing winter without adequate clothes 

Enab Baladi – Idlib countryside In the northern countryside of Idlib, northwestern Syria, young Salma stands in the mud, putting […]

Daraa’s “crumbling” health sector and civil initiatives fail to respond effectively to COVID-19 pandemic

Daraa – Halim Muhammad “ It is increasingly hard to find vacant respiratory ventilators in Daraa’s hospitals,” noted a nurse […]

Failing precautionary measures, unmet funding, and mistrust: What future lies ahead of COVID-19 vaccine in Syria?

Luay Ruhaibani| Saleh Malas| Habaa Shehadeh| Diana Rahima Late 2020 official statements that final tests of the developed vaccines for […]

Government neglect and social customs: Mental health is not a priority in Syria

Diana Rahima – Sukaina Mahdi – Luay Ruhaibani – Saleh Malas “I was 15 when my chronic depression started. In […]

How expatriates sell their properties in Idlib

Enab Baladi – Zeinab Masri  Using her mobile phone, Lamia Masri recorded a video, in which she introduced herself, and […]

Charity linked to Asma al-Assad provides legal awareness services in Yarmouk camp

The Syria Trust for Development has announced that it will provide legal awareness services to the former residents of the […]

Cement prices rise in Aleppo, construction and restoration decline

Enab Baladi – Aleppo Sales of building materials in Aleppo have stopped owing to the rising cement prices in the […]

1,200 displaced Yarmouk Camp residents wish to return home

Damascus Provincial Directorate has announced the number of displaced persons to return to Yarmouk  Camp after it started receiving return […]

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