Thu 19 Jul 2018

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Raqqa: Open-Ended Questions Address Syrian Regime’s Return into the City

Raqqa is today the centerpiece of many discussions and questions, raised throughout the city, in its different neighborhoods and rural […]

Entire Family Killed in Quneitra Governorate

A Syrian regime airstrike on Tuesday 17 July killed an entire family in Quneitra Governorate in southern Syria. According to […]

Over 400 IDPs from Daraa Arrive at Idlib Governorate

Under the departure agreement signed by the opposition factions with the Russians, 430 people, who have been displaced from Daraa, […]

A Source: Idlib’s Factions Are Preparing for an Offensive against Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah

The military factions, active in Idlib governorate, are planning to undertake an attack on the Assad’s forces in the two […]

25 Fighters From Assad’s Forces Killed in the Latakia Countryside

The attack bears similarities to an attack by Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham, which was carried out last year reports Enab Baladi […]

 “Facebook” Messages to Khmeimim Air Base: Popular Interaction Helps Russia Polish Its Image

 More than 150 thousand followers, some of whom take the role of silent observers, others inquire, and others demand the […]

Assad’s Forces Expand in Daraa al-Balad’s Surrounding

Assad’s forces and allied militias have expanded in the vicinity of Daraa al-Balad, days after they were completely in control […]

“Free Aleppo” University Celebrates the Graduation of 624 Students

Early in 2011, Iyad Awad’s graduation from the (open education) Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at “al-Baath University, Homs, was hindered […]

A Self-Teaching Book in Northern Syria

Diverse projects have been implemented as to bridge the gap created by two million Syrian children’s dropout of schools, the […]

Covering up the Truth of the Crime through Issuing Death Certificates… Efforts to Blur the Issue of Detainees

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Um Mohammed refuses to confirm the death of her detained husband and stresses that he is […]

Damascus checkpoints are being removed… Has Syria become “safe”?!

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team After the Syrian revolution, security barriers have been introduced into the daily life of Syrians, controlling […]

Al-Ghab Plain: Cotton Cultivation Returns “Timidly”

The cultivation of cotton has gradually returned to the al-Ghab Plain, rural Hama, following years of absence, to which a […]

Can Afrin Resume Its Economic Growth?

Within a mountain area, north-western Syria, Afrin expands at a space of four thousand square kilometers, 2% of Syria’s total […]

Iraq’s Ambassador to Syria Confirms Albu Kamal Crossing Opening Soon

Before the conflict started, around four billion dollars worth of trade went through the border crossings writes Enab Baladi Iraq’s […]

Turkey Admits Telecommunication Towers into Idlib Governorate

Turkey has admitted telecommunication towers into the governorate of Idlib as a first step after it installed 12 monitoring points […]

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