Sun 06 Dec 2020

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The profitable, but risky, day labor in Homs

Dozens of laborers are brought from Homs province to collect olive and pistachio crops from the fields across the suburbs […]

Why are females banned from working in tourist destinations in Raqqa?

Enab Baladi – Raqqa “Umm Abeer” used to work in a cafe in the city of Raqqa, to provide for […]

Islamic State increases its military activities in Syria, Iraq and globally 

Enab Baladi – Taim al-Haj  The self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) has been attempting to map out its military operations in […]

Syrian economy resumes activity… Poverty and bankruptcy outweigh Coronavirus 

Enab Baladi – Murad Abdul Jalil “The virus of poverty, hunger, and bankruptcy is more dangerous than any other virus.” […]

Is formation of Election Commission by opposition SNC an attempt to gain legitimacy or legitimize al-Assad regime?

Enab Baladi – Louay Rhebani  The announcement made by the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) of the formation of a […]

Threat and arrest … Anti-government protests face “repression” in Syria’s As-Suwayda

As-Suwayda – Rayan al-Atrash  In the square facing the governorate building in As-Suwayda, several activists gathered for their frequent rituals; […]

Date and agenda… two new rounds of talks for Syrian Constitutional Committee

Enab Baladi – Louay Rhebani The United Nations (UN) has set a date for the fourth and fifth rounds of […]

Raqqa after three years of “Islamic State’s expulsion”

Raqqa – Hussam al-Omar Syria’s northern city of Raqqa was referred to as “The Ghost City” three years ago; many […]

Will Turkey hit back if a military operation occurs in Idlib?

Enab Baladi- Ali Darwish The rebel-held governorate of Idlib in northwestern Syria has seen several developments related to the region’s […]

Three military moves by “Eighth Brigade” … efforts to increase its strength

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish The “settlement” agreement signed in July 2018 led the Syrian regime forces to regain control […]

Challenges faced in control of COVID-19 pandemic in Idlib: 80% of ICU beds are occupied (explanatory data)

The number of death cases due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has increased in the opposition-controlled areas in northwestern Syria, […]

Missing persons of Syria’s Raqqa are present in mind but not in records

Raqqa – Hussam al-Omar As a result of airstrikes conducted by the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) group […]

Academic research and studies gather support for development and progress in northern countryside of Aleppo 

Enab Baladi – Aleppo countryside Three young men have gone up on to the stage of “the Cultural Center” in […]

By all parties… aid workers are under targeting in Idlib

On the paved road in the village of Arab Said of western Idlib countryside, away from contact lines and battles, […]

Camp residents face yet another winter under dilapidated roofs

Ali Darwish | Habaa Shehadah |  Zeynep Masri  Ibrahim was asleep when he felt the drops of water falling on his […]

“Ms. Faten” is not an individual case: Syrian citizens are treated as “customers” in government departments

Saleh Malas | Louay Rhebani| Sakina al-Mahdi After a long wait in the queue, some citizens finally arrived at the […]

In Quneitra, people turn to fungi to fend off hunger and poverty

In Quneitra, a province in southern Syria, winter does not only bring rain, but also an abundance of mushrooms that […]

The profitable, but risky, day labor in Homs

Dozens of laborers are brought from Homs province to collect olive and pistachio crops from the fields across the suburbs […]

Judges prosecuted for ruling property ownership transfer based on forged power of attorneys in Syria

The Minister of Justice of the Syrian regime government, Ahmed al-Sayyed, has announced that trials against judges, who issued judicial […]

Nirvana commercial complex project enters implementation phase in al-Hejaz area in Damascus

The General Director of the General Foundation for the al-Hejaz Railway Station, Hassanein Muhammad Ali, has announced his order to […]

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