Thu 05 Dec 2019

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Moscow Platform accuses both regime and opposition of derailing the Constitutional Committee

In a press conference in Moscow, on Tuesday 3 December, Jamil said that the two delegations had demonstrated irresponsible behavior during the second round.

Ain Issa: from an obscure town to SDF headquarters

The US troops, leading the Global Coalition, established a military base in Ain Issa in early 2016. This raised the profile of Ain Issa, prompting the Kurdish NES to establish a large number of its institutions and councils therein.

Political assassinations: forewarning of a new revolution in Daraa

The political scene in Daraa is in a state of chaos after increasing the operations against the Syrian regime which responded by the assassination of former leaders and members of the opposition.

Airstrike on Idlib Central Prison killing one and wounding four

The Syrian army, aided by Russian warplanes, struck Idlib Central Prison, killing and wounding a prisoner and four visitors.

Turkish-Russian agreements redraws the map of eastern Euphrates 

The Turkish-Russian negotiations resulted in a new agreement for the partial redeployment of Turkish forces and their proxies, on the one hand, and the Russian, Syrian regime forces and Syrian Democratic Forces on the other, on both sides of the M4 international highway.

Russia, Iran, Turkey set out to shape agenda of Syrian Constitutional Committee

Enab Baladi's correspondent in Geneva, reported that the UN special envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen will meet with Iranian, Russian and Turkish officials to define the agenda of the meetings of the mini-group of the SCC before setting the date for the next round.

11 civilians killed in market bombing in Maraat al-Numan in Idlib

Enab Baladi’s correspondent in rural Idlib quoted medical sources as saying that 11 civilians, including two women, were killed while the number of injuries exceeded 20 on Monday, 2 December.

Funeral of former opposition commander unleashes demonstrations in rural Daraa

Public demonstrations took place in the town of Tafas in rural Daraa against the Syrian regime during the funeral procession of Waseem Abdullah al-Rawashdeh, former commander in the Free Syrian Army.

Leishmaniasis spreads rapidly in Deir Ezzor infecting hundreds of children

Leishmaniasis is spreading widely among residents of Deir Ezzor, and especially children. Medical sources counted hundreds of infected civilians and confirmed the disease’s rapid spread.

The industrial school in Idlib reopened with cadres’ individual efforts

With the help of local individual initiatives, the educational and administrative cadre of the only industrial school in Idlib is reopening the school and accepting students again.

Measles and polio vaccination campaign in northern Aleppo

The Local Council of al-Bab city has completed the staff training for a vaccination campaign against polio and measles in several towns and villages in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Recent explosions in rural Aleppo: students responding to the urgent need of blood supplies

In cooperation with the central blood bank, the students of Free Aleppo University (FAU) have organized a blood donation drive in the city of Azaz to help those in need in rural Aleppo.

The unknown future of the Syrian Pound between inflation and depreciation

Enab Baladi investigates the direct reasons that led to the decline of the Syrian Pound’s value over the past few weeks, as well as the effects of this and the the salary increase on Syrian citizens and economy.

Field executions: a weapon used by all parties in the Syrian conflict

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Ninar Khalifa | Mohamed Homs | Mourad Abdul Jalil Only four days after the beginning of […]

Souq al-Hal market in Daraa still closed despite government attempts to reopen it

The Syrian regime's attempts to restore commercial life to Souq al-Hal wholesale market in the center of Daraa failed despite the habilitation operations and media marketing.

Slight improvement of Syrian pound against USD

According to the website of Syrian Pound Today, the pound bounced back on Wednesday 4 December from its recent plummet, to reach 835 SYP per USD to sell and 820 SYP per USD to buy.

Electricity provisions burden residents of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside

Enab Baladi surveyed a segment of al-Bab residents about the problem of power outages and the high prices of subscription to electricity generators.

How is Syria’s 2020 budget distributed?

Food and fuel subsidies received the largest share of expenditure at 373 billion SYP (around 497 million USD).

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