Abuses mount in SNA-held areas; popular anger due to lack of accountability

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim Frequent violations and assaults have been committed by the security services of the opposition factions […]

Northeastern Syria students are target of double recruitment campaigns

Abdullah did not know that his passing at the al-Tabqa city checkpoint in the western countryside of Raqqa could turn […]

As-Suwayda: Local fighters eliminate second pro-regime faction

Local groups of As-Suwayda people led by Liwa al-Jabal and the Men of Dignity movement began to blockade the town […]

Local fighters or regime security, who killed the senior IS commander in Daraa?

Conflicting reports have been raised since the announcement of the killing of the commander of the Islamic State (IS) group […]

Is Russia’s airdrop exercises in Syria a proof of existence or field test?

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim Airdrops have recently topped the drills supervised by Russian forces to train members of Syrian […]

Syria’s political accountability: Legal step linked to political transition

Enab Baladi – Saleh Malas For 11 years now, Syrians have been seeking political representation capable of translating civil protests […]

Ankara and Damascus intelligence prepare “Adana II”

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima Signs of a Turkish-Syrian rapprochement have emerged recently, although its essence is not yet known, […]

Raqqa: “Psychological war” fueled by rumors

Enab Baladi – Raqqa The prospect of any military operation in northeastern Syria, with political change in the region, is […]

Toxic pesticides affect beekeeping in Idlib countryside

Enab Baladi – Northern countryside of Idlib Awad al-Dabal, 55, takes care of the remaining beehives, which he assigned a […]

Amid summer heat, fires turn a threat to residents of northern Syria

Each year, seasonal fires destroy natural spaces that are considered a getaway for the population amid fears of the impact […]

Hate speech and incitement hike against relief and rescue workers, words turn bullets

Enab Baladi – Lujain Mourad “We have come to fear living our normal lives.” With these words, the Director of […]

Between two axes: East swallows West in Syria

Mamoun al-Bustani | Diana Rahima | Khaled al-Jeratli | Hussam al-Mahmoud Two international axes control the Syrian file, and one […]

Syrian Islamic Council confines itself to words, active role needed

Jana al-Issa | Hassan Ibrahim | Saleh Malas The Syrian Islamic Council was founded in mid-April 2014 by about 40 […]

Obstacles hinder cotton cultivation in northeastern Syria

Qamishli – Majd al-Salem Tamer al-Alawi does not show any optimism about obtaining a rewarding return from his cotton crop […]

Displacement wave to Raqqa ahead of Turkey’s military operation, no houses for rent

Raqqa – Hussam al-Omar Khader Mohammed, 45, owner of a real estate office in Raqqa, hung a sign that read […]

Syria Civil Defense contributes to early recovery plan; conditions for completing such step

Enab Baladi – Lujain Mourad Despite the blurry vision regarding the early recovery phase in Syria, the Syria Civil Defense […]

Salhab sugar factory’s waste kills fish and destroys agriculture, no govt concern

Enab Baladi – Idlib Residents’ complaints about the Tal Salhab sugar factory in the countryside of Hama city continue due […]

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