Fri 21 Sep 2018

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Source: The “Tiger” Cancels the Contracts of 6500 of Its Troops throughout Syria

The Brigadier General of Assad’s forces Suheil al-Hassan, known as the “Tiger”, has cancelled the contracts of 6500 troops serving […]

Commanders of “Tahrir al-Sham” Disapprove the Idlib Deal Terms

Commanders under the “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” (HTS) disapprove the terms of the Russian-Turkish agreement addressing Idlib governorate, which provided for […]

“Islamic State” Affiliate Cell Captured in Rural Aleppo

In the northern countryside of Aleppo, the factions of the “Free Army” have announced capturing an “Islamic State” affiliate cell, […]

Now that Idlib’s Deal has Been Sealed, What Battles Are Left in Syria?

The Syrian cause has entered a new phase after the Idlib deal which provided for the establishment of a buffer […]

The “Mini Group on Syria” Puts “Astana Trio” to the Test

The “Mini Group on Syria,” formed in 2015, as a part of the US-led coalition against the “Islamic State,” in […]

“ISIS” Claims to Repel Attack on its Last Stronghold East of the Euphrates

“Islamic State” (ISIS) has announced that it has repelled an attack by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) against the group’s […]

Continuous Battles Seek “ISIS” Elimination East of the Euphrates

The “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) has reported the developments of its battles against the “Islamic State” (ISIS) in the eastern […]

“Sahabat Watan”: Meets to Enhance Woman’s Role in Rural Aleppo

In the eastern and northern rural parts of Aleppo, a group of women have created a gathering which seeks women […]

 “Education Cannot Wait”: A Project Seeks to Support Idlib Governorate’s Destroyed Schools

The “Education Cannot Wait” project continues to offer its services in Idlib governorate, as to support the schools destroyed due […]

Amid three forces:  Afrin residents chose silence

By Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Diaa Odeh/ Nour Dalati/ Mohamed Homs While the region of Afrin is frequently mentioned in […]

“Decentralization” from Ba’ath Party’s viewpoint

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team The talk about the local administration elections among the Syrian regime comes as a democratic step. […]

Rural Homs’ Christians Return to Their Lands via Lawsuits

A number of files took over the landscape following the Syrian regime’s control of the northern countryside of Homs due […]

Mall’s Investment Lights Up Damascus’ Economic Activity

The commercial malls’ sector in the capital Damascus has witnessed a marked vividness this year, following the finalization of military […]

Shopping Center Offers its Services to Afrin’s City People  

The center, opened by citizens a month ago, provides the city’s people needs, both who are originally from Afrin and […]

The Solution to Homs’ Fuel Crisis Lies at the Lebanese Borders

The fuel crisis in the city of Homs has entered its second week without any indication that it will end […]

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