Mon 18 Mar 2019

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Psychosocial support: A problematic priority in Syria

Enab Baladi’s investigation team   Murad Abdul Jalil/ Reham al-Assaad/ Mohamed Homs/ Haba Shehada   Local and international organizations working […]

Under Watch of Guarantor States, Russia Escalates Hostilities in Idlib

In the past two weeks, Russia has intensified attacks on Idlib governorate, which synced to launching the first Turkish Army […]

The Syrian Regime Attacks Brussels Conference for Not Inviting It

The Syrian regime has criticized the European Union for not inviting it to attend the Brussels Conference on Syria, expressed […]

Kurdish Regional Government Prevents Use of Turkish Internet in Eastern Syria

The Kurdish regional administration has prohibited the use of Turkish internet providers in areas under its governance in north-eastern Syria. […]

Tightening of Security in Search of Weapons in Eastern Ghouta

The Assad’s forces continue with the security campaign against Eastern Ghouta, which started early last February in search of the […]

Daraa: Demonstrations Protest the Erection of a Statue of Hafez al-Assad

Daraa al-Balad is witnessing demonstrations, where the protestors are expressing their refusal of the return of the statue of former […]

Turkish Military Patrols Are Not Enhancing De-escalation In Idlib

On Friday morning, March 8, the Turkish Army has started the first of its patrols in the areas between the […]

Eastern Ghouta: War’s Explosive Remnants Hiding in Branches and Trunks of Trees

With the prices of fuel being on the rise and the difficulty of getting them in the first place, the […]

Youtubers visiting Syria:  Sympathy with the regime or glimmer of hope for Syrians?

In a YouTube video, Andrawos Bassous has spoken about the end of the war’s traces in Damascus and the lift […]

Idlib: Charity Shop Offers Persons with Disabilities Free Products

In the city of Idlib, a humanitarian organization has opened a charity shop, which offers free clothes to people with […]

Idlib: Blood Bank in Darkush

In the town of Darkush, western Idlib, the “al-Rahma” Hospital (Mercy) launched a blood bank that provides thalassemia patients with […]

Syria and Turkey: Two neighbors worried over the border

Dia Odeh/ Nour Dalati/ Reham al-Assaad/ Murad Abdul Jalil On February 17, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the heads of […]

A year after the Syrian alienation: How has the situation in Eastern Ghouta changed?  

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Mohamed Homs – Diaa Odeh – Nour Dalati From February to March 2018, 1500 civilians were […]

Daraa: Cooperative Associations Back To Support Farmers But Demanding Security Approvals  

The agricultural landscape in Daraa has developed a sense of optimism with the cooperative associations return to action, providing farmers […]

Random wells threatening Idlib water reserves

Citizens in the southern countryside of Idlib were working to find alternatives sources to secure potable and daily use water […]

Medications in the north of Syria: A Sector in need of regulation measures

  The general situation of the medicines’ sector in the North of Syria is not different from that in other […]

E-commerce sets foot in northern regions

  E-commerce has become an economic necessity worldwide, occupying a solid position among the rest of the commercial and traditional […]

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