Raqqa female journalists subjected to harassment in absence of legal deterrent

Enab Baladi – Raqqa The work of Basma, 28, requires constant communication with primary sources in order to obtain information […]

Bombing US garrison at al-Tanf is a Russian warning, not only a “message”

Enab Baladi – Mamoun al-Bustani The bombing of Maghawir al-Thawra positions at al-Tanf garrison left minor damages on 15 June, […]

UN envoy to Syria denies; opposition refuses to scrap Geneva as venue for Constitutional Committee talks

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima The press office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, denied to Enab […]

Al-Assad’s latest interview: Soft language; openness on Arab states

Enab Baladi – Hussam al-Mahmoud In a large hall within the presidential palace and in two non-table chairs, the head […]

Four principles and three disappointments in the eighth round of Syrian Constitutional Committee’s talks

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima The Syrian Constitutional Committee completed the eighth round of its work in Geneva, in which […]

What is needed to create an economic environment in the “Safe Zone”

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima The Turkish government pledges that the establishment of a safe or buffer zone in northern […]

The truth about 60,000 Russian troops in Syria

Enab Baladi – Hussam al-Mahmoud Speculation has swept over the past few weeks about the number of Russian forces present […]

Focusing on “exceptional leadership role” in Baccalaureate exam scares students

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa “I was afraid that they would not like what I would write in answer to […]

​​Will Autonomous Administration renege on promises of salary increase

Al-Hasakah – Majd al-Salem Public employees of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) are still waiting for […]

In northwestern Syria, devastating conflict leaves a toxic environmental legacy  

The continuance shelling on the al-Ghab Plain area in northern Hama governorate has affected many agricultural lands completely or partially.  […]

No free treatment in Aleppo’s public hospitals, patients appeal to businessmen for help 

Patients of state hospitals in the Syrian regime-controlled areas in Aleppo governorate continue to appeal to merchants and industrialists to […]

Syria, the country of solar panels  

Jana al-Issa | Hassan Ibrahim | Muhammed Fansa | Khaled al-Jeratli The acts of war and the damage to infrastructure […]

Imprisoned lives inside Latakia spiritual court; wives pay marriage failure tax

Saleh Malas | Hassan Ibrahim “The case of my separation from my husband began four and a half years ago, […]

Farmers of Idlib countryside turn to solar-powered irrigation

Enab Baladi – Western Idlib Countryside The areas of the western countryside of Idlib, including the plains of the Orontes […]

Salvation Govt secretive about mobile telecommunications; questions arise over Syriana operator

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa The announcement by Syriana for Telecommunications operating in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib that […]

Sunn pest, seeds and delayed fertilizers reduce Raqqa wheat to a third

Raqqa – Hussam al-Omar Saleh al-Qashat, 44, had expected that early preparations for the agricultural season would contribute to increasing […]

Daraa: Dairy prices hike; breeders still not satisfied

Enab Baladi – Daraa The increase in milk prices by merchants led to a direct increase in the prices of […]

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