Sun 07 Jun 2020

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Piles of garbage in al-Zakzakaniyah neighborhood amid promises to collect them

Enab Baladi – Lattakia For days, waste is left to accumulate leaving foul odors in the “al-Zaqqazaniah” neighborhood in Lattakia. […]

Syrian economy resumes activity… Poverty and bankruptcy outweigh Coronavirus 

Enab Baladi – Murad Abdul Jalil “The virus of poverty, hunger, and bankruptcy is more dangerous than any other virus.” […]

Syrian regime releases dozens of detainees, leaving many more to unknown fate

Enab Baladi – Ninar Khalifa Social media pages and networks covering the issue of Syrian detainees, as well as personal accounts […]

Crossings between Idlib and Aleppo countryside re-open

The General Administration of Crossings of the so-called Salvation Government(SG), operating in the areas controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) […]

Syrian regime saves more than seven hundred and eighty thousand US dollars due to falling global oil price

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Syrian regime’s government announced that it has saved more than one […]

Russian gains from activating M4 al-Hasakeh-Aleppo highway 

Enab Baladi- Taim al-Haj Russia has reopened the M4 international road from the northeastern side of Syria, connecting the provinces […]

Syria’s clans… multi-proforma councils affiliated to their guarantors’ will

Enab Baladi – Taim al-Haj These days, the question “to which clan do you belong?” is no longer considered an […]

Prisoners’ exchange operations increase in northern Syria

Enab Baladi – Ali Darwish The opposition factions controlling the north-western regions of Syria held three prisoners’ exchange operations with […]

Concerns over “Caesar” from becoming “political bazaar”

The former Syrian military photographer known only as Caesar rarely grants media interviews. However, in an exclusive interview made on […]

Meeting results in expansion of Syrian regime control over rural Daraa

Syrian regime officers met with figures from Daraa’s “Central Committee” to speak about conditions in rural western Daraa after recent […]

Landmines and explosive remnants of war continue to claim lives and limbs in Syria’s Daraa

Large areas in Syria’s southern province of Daraa have been severely affected by landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and explosive remnants […]

Ramadan programs streamed through social media platforms

Al-Bab city- Asim Melhem Sitting his pharmacy surrounded by his drugs and pharmaceuticals, Baraa al-Munala streamed his Ramadan program about […]

No more “exceptionally” admitted students in Syrian private schools 

It is no longer allowed to increase the number of students “exceptionally” admitted to private schools in Syria, leading many […]

New mechanisms to educate 500 thousand students northern Syria

Enab Baladi- Abdullah al-Khatib  Students in northwestern Syria suffer from many educational obstacles which have increased after school suspension due […]

New mechanisms to educate 500 thousand students northern Syria

Enab Baladi- Abdullah al-Khatib  Students in northwestern Syria suffer from many educational obstacles which have increased after school suspension due […]

Between sports and politics …Syrian football crippled by its “federations”

Yamen Moghrabi | Orwoa Kanawati | Nour al-Din Ramadan | Abdullah al-Khatib Since its establishment in 1936, the Syrian Federation […]

“HTS”…establishing itself or drawing its last breath

Murad Abdul Jalil | Ali Darwish | Hebaa Shahada  Wearing a black hat while holding a pen and a notebook […]

Despite available means… Syria’s real estate owners ignore calls to document their property rights

The “local reconciliation agreements” forced by the Syrian regime’s government in different Syrian areas, such as Daraya, al-Zabadani, Madaya in […]

Damascus Governorate denies news of registering residents of Yarmouk Camp to return home

Damascus Governorate has denied news about opening registration for the residents of the Yarmouk Camp in Damascus in preparation for […]

High prices deny Syrians Eid’s joy… Clothes trade retreats in al-Qunaytirah

Enab Baladi – al-Qunaytirah The residents of al-Qunaytirah city in southern Syria have been suffering from a sharp rise in […]

Syrian human rights NGO calls on real estate owners to document their properties to avoid Palestine’s West Bank scenario

The “Free Syrian Lawyers” organization renewed its calls for Syrians to retain their property documents for their lands and properties […]

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