Wed 24 Apr 2019

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In Different Parts of Syria, 44 Regime Personnel Died on the Same Day

On Saturday, April 20, the Syrian regime lost a dozen of its troops in various attacks in Syria, undertaken by […]

Al-Quds Brigade Lifts Siege of 500 Regime Personnel in the Syrian Desert 

The pro-regime Palestinian al-Quds Brigade has said that 500 of Assad’s soldiers have been freed from a siege in the […]

UN Special Envoy for Syria Ruffles Dead Water of the Constitutional Committee

Many visits have been made, and many to be made, by Geir Pedersen, the UN Special Envoy for Syria, since […]

Blasts Revive the “States” of “IS” in Eastern Syria

With vengeful assaults and attacks in the areas of the “Autonomous Administration”, north-eastern Syria, deploying improvised explosive devices and suicidal […]

Tension in Qalat al-Mudiq Between Tahrir al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham

The town of Qalat al-Mudiq in western Hama Governorate has recently witnessed tensions between Tahrir al-Sham and the National Liberation […]

Messages behind the “Syrian Gift” Offered by Russia to Israel

Russia, with returning the body of the soldier Zachary Baumel, who was missing on the 1982 war and was buried […]

Airstrikes Hit Regime Military Sites Near Aleppo

Military sites belonging to the Syrian regime were hit by overnight airstrikes on 27 March, with Israel reported to be […]

Life Partner on “E-Horse”: Syrians Tying the Knot “Remotely”

  Rama Sharbaji | Practice Training Program   In the past a few years, Syrian young women and men have […]

Thefts and Murders on the Rise in Idlib

In Idlib governorate, murders and armed burglaries increased in the past a few weeks, the majority of which were aiming […]

“Keep It Lit”, Campaign to Light Up Idlib’s Residential Neighborhoods

  Seeking to develop the service and security reality in Idlib, civil organizations and volunteer activists have started a campaign […]

Rural Aleppo’s Local Councils Tune the Car Market  

In northern rural Aleppo, controlled by the Syrian opposition, the local councils are working on regulating the car market through […]

Syrian Hajj: Sovereign issue out of regime’s control

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Enab Baladi – Dia Odeh | Murad Abdul Jalil On September 17, 2012, while the Islamic […]

Trump offers Syrian land to Israel: What is the story of Golan?

Enab Baladi’s Investigation Team Dia Odeh |Mohamed Homs | Mourad Abdel Jalil | Haba Shahadah At the same time as […]

Daraa Governorate Also is Affected by Chicken Price Increase  

In the markets of Daraa governorate, the prices of chicken are rocketing, reaching the double in the past few days, […]

“Abu al-Zendain”: The First Crossing to Connect Areas of Syrian Regime and Those Run by Turkey

On March 17, bulldozers motioned towards the western part of the city of al-Bab, removing the berms and the dirt […]

Recession in Daraa’s Markets Follows Freezing Civil Organizations’ Activities  

Markets in Southern Syria are undergoing a marked economic drop-off after the donor organizations left the area, following the Syrian […]

Daraa: Cooperative Associations Back To Support Farmers But Demanding Security Approvals  

The agricultural landscape in Daraa has developed a sense of optimism with the cooperative associations return to action, providing farmers […]

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