Thu 23 Jan 2020

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Turkish messages to Russia… Street war and US support in Idlib

Enab Baladi – Murad Abdul Jalil The diplomatic negotiations did not succeed in persuading Russia, the main supporter of the […]

Who was behind two car bomb attacks that killed Turkish and Syrian soldiers?

Two factions of the Syrian National Army (SNA) exchanged accusations over responsibility for entering two car bombs into the town […]

Who was Mamoun al-Hariri? Why was he killed by explosive device in Daraa?

The doctor, Mamoun Qasim al-Hariri, was killed in the town of Busra al-Harir in the eastern countryside of Daraa, with […]

Suwaida is protesting and establishing wave of protests across Syria

Over the last few days, the governorate of Suwaida has seen several movements opposing the Syrian regime’s economic and political […]

Renewed shelling in rural Aleppo, amid ongoing wave of displacement

Backed by Russain air power, the Syrian regime forces have renewed their airstrikes against rural Aleppo, resulting in deaths and […]

Results of counter-attack against sites of Russian and Syrian regime forces 

The factions of the al-Fateh al-Mubeen operation room launched a counter-offensive against the Russian and Syrian regime forces in the […]

ISIS carried out ten attacks in Syria since start of 2020

The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) has increased its activities since the beginning of this year through military operations targeting the […]

Three lines depict “slow” US policy in Syria

Enab Baladi – Murad Abdul Jalil The ambiguity of the US policy toward Syria is continuing, amid the absence of […]

Local thrift clothes, an alternative to European ones in markets of Homs countryside

Homs – Orwah Al Mundhir Residents of the northern countryside of Homs have resorted to new methods to secure the […]

Joint artworks attract Syrian actors in Turkey

Evin KHALIL – “Mares” Training Program “We have created our own micro-community within the community,” said the young director Osama […]

Pregnant women are afraid of delivery in Idlib

Enab Baladi – Mays Shetyan “My child was delivered prematurely because of the fatigue of displacement and lack of medical […]

Swamp football to shed light on displaced people’s situation

Idlib: Youssef Gharibi “We are suffering a lot as our tents always get wet due to rainwaters and the campground […]

UN aid to Syria, new victim of international bargains

Haba Shehadeh | Ali Darwish |Abdullah al-Khatib Borders had been closed in front of Syrians looking for safety abroad, but […]

2021 Elections.. “Entitlement” or “illegal” procedure

Murad Abdul Jalil |Ninar Khalifa | Muhammad Homs Voting stations in schools and universities, boxes containing the names of candidates, […]

Mohieddine al-Manfoush: From godfather of Ghouta siege of to “honest investor” in Europe

Enab Baladi – Owis Akkad Mohieddine al-Manfoush, the Syrian businessman accused of monopolizing the market in Eastern Ghouta during the […]

Protests against harsh living conditions in Suwaida

Some residents of Suwaida governorate in southern Syria demonstrated against the high prices and increasingly difficult living conditions in the […]

US Dollar exchange rate exceeds one thousand Syrian pounds

The Syrian Pound (SYP) hit a record low against the US dollar (USD) on the morning of 15 January, to […]

Gradual return of internet in Syria’s Daraa: Electricity hampers continuation of internet coverage 

The Syrian regime attempts to restore the internet connection and communication lines in the province of Daraa in southern Syria. […]

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