Washington eases sanctions on Syria ahead of Biden-Putin summit in Geneva

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima The United States (US) Administration has been adopting a vague and divided policy in dealing […]

As-Suwayda’s rental crisis: causes without solutions 

Enab Baladi – As-Suwayda “I used to wander the streets of As-Suwayda early in the morning searching for a house […]

Only 20% of population to get COVID-19 vaccines—across three Syrian control territories

Zeinab Masri| Saleh Malas| Nour al-Deen Ramadan Weeks have passed since countries worldwide started COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, administrating to the […]

Lebanese authorities hinder solution to flooding crisis in Arsal camps for Syrian refugees

The precautionary and confinement measures imposed by the Lebanese authorities due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic […]

Troops immunization against COVID-19 begins at Russian Khmeimim air base

The Russian command in Khmeimim Air Base has started immunizing troops against the COVID-19 virus, while none of the Syrian […]

Rationales for the Syrian regime’s military escalation in northwestern Syria

Enab Baladi-Ali Darwish Northwestern Syria has been seeing a military escalation since 5 June, which led to a fresh wave […]

World Health Organization welcomes Syria to its Executive Board despite protests 

Enab Baladi – Zeynep Masri Despite protest from local and international civil society organizations, health and humanitarian workers, and criticism […]

Autonomous Administration reverses decisions to calm protests

Enab Baladi- Ali Darwish People in areas run by the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria have successfully imposed […]

Curfew extended following anti-draft protests in SDF-held Manbij  

The Democratic Civil Administration for Manbij City and its Countryside extended the curfew it imposed Tuesday in Manbij city, northeastern […]

Deported from Turkey and threatened with death in Syria: Brigadier General Ahmad Rahal where to?

Defector Brigadier General Ahamd Rahal is waiting for the implementation of a deportation order from Turkey while facing death threats […]

“Victory is my survival”: Al-Assad divides Syrians against each other in the election speech

Enab Baladi-Noureddin Ramadan The president of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has not missed the opportunity to address and glorify […]

Aleppo: alarming rise in thefts amid Syrian government’s inaction 

Aleppo – Saber al-Halabi Hussein returned to his home in the neighborhood of Hamdaniya in the western part of Aleppo […]

The reign of fear of al-Assad family haunts Syrians, even those who left the country

Enab Baladi- Hussam al-Mahmoud The Syrian regime, under the rule of the al-Assad family—first the father Hafez, and now his […]

Municipal bureaucracy and absent humanitarian organizations: Daraa Camp denied basic services

Daraa – Halim Muhammad Daraa Camp residents, displaced from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, suffer from a lack of services that […]

How does the UN assess the work of Syrian rights organizations?

Enab Baladi – Saleh Malas A prison is a place where individuals are held temporarily or permanently as a punishment […]

UAVs: Battle changers, which Syrians do not have

Ali Darwish | Khalid Jar’atli One day, Ahmad was alone at home in Maarat Hurmah village, in the southern countryside […]

Sheikh Jarah: A neighborhood breathing life into the Palestinian cause

Saleh Malas| Ali Darwish| Khalid Jaraatli| Husam al-Mahmoud In the past two weeks, Sheikh Jarah neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, made […]

The Makhlouf dynasty: privilege, power, and wealth

Enab Baladi – Khaled Jeratly The Syrian regime has been placing responsibility on western countries, blaming them and their sanctions […]

Aleppo residents cannot afford fruits due to skyrocketing prices 

Aleppo – Saber al-Halabi Kamel left Bab al-Jinan market, in the center of old Aleppo, unable to buy the fruit […]

Catfish low prices increase demand in Daraa markets

Daraa – Halim Muhammad Iman, a housewife from Daraa governorate, put the fish in a large bowl after scaling and […]

Harvest underway in northwestern Syria, amid worsening fires

Idlib-Iyad Abdel Jawad  With the advent of the wheat and barley harvest season each year, fires start to rage across […]

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