Constitution or political transition; what do Syrians need?

Enab Baladi – Diana Rahima Continued criticism of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva stems from Syrians’ […]

Abu Amsha’s recent move raises possibilities of integration between National Army and HTS

Enab Baladi – Hassan Ibrahim The presence of the isolated commander of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (al-Amashat) in the […]

Newly-appointed Defense Minister is “al-Assad’s favored proxy”

By legislative decree No. “115” of 2022, the President of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, on 28 April, named Ali […]

Syrian opposition still holds Hajj file despite signs of normalization between Saudi Arabia and al-Assad regime

Enab Baladi – Jana al-Issa Since 2013, the file of Syrian pilgrims has been assigned to the Supreme Hajj Committee […]

Al-Assad appoints Ali Mahmoud Abbas as Defense Minister 

President of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, appointed Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas as Minister of Defense, succeeding General Ali […]

Israeli concern of Assad’s allies repositioning in Syria

Enab Baladi – Amal Rantisi The Russian war on Ukraine occupied the talk of the Israeli press, which considered the […]

Russia cuts salaries of Fifth Corps fighters in Aleppo

The Russian-backed Fifth Corps paramilitary group halved the monthly salaries of its fighters based in northern Aleppo governorate. The cut […]

Southern Syria: Tribal traditions control revenge acts amid law absence

The southern governorate of Daraa is witnessing a large number of assassination attempts and killings by unknown persons. Regardless of […]

Women of Idlib complain low wages despite mounting burdens

Idlib – Huda al-Kulaib Sabah al-Jarow, 28, could not hide her dissatisfaction with receiving a small monthly salary compared to […]

No free treatment in Aleppo’s public hospitals, patients appeal to businessmen for help 

Patients of state hospitals in the Syrian regime-controlled areas in Aleppo governorate continue to appeal to merchants and industrialists to […]

Breast cancer patients in Idlib fight a life-threatening battle in worst conditions

Enab Baladi – Idlib Forty-something-year-old Rawaa al-Hretani faces the most challenging period of her life after her chemotherapy treatment ceased […]

Massacre in disguise: Al-Assad’s general amnesty a clear reminder of forcibly disappeared fate

Saleh Malas | Hussam al-Mahmoud | Lujain Mourad “I knew that my son Ayham was martyred inside Damascus University, his […]

Syrian refugees fear Lebanon’s bankruptcy and attached hardships

Saleh Malas | Mamoun al-Bustani Every morning, the 34-year-old Ibtisam stands on the corner of the road near her home […]

Damascus: Hike in house rents amid absence of government control

Enab Baladi – Damascus The suffering of residents of Damascus or those wishing to live in it is increasing due […]

Despite IS defeat in al-Baghouz, remnants of war still exist

Enab Baladi – Deir Ezzor “What saddens us the most is the sight of the destruction that affected most of […]

Northern Syria’s seasonal economy affected by suspension of Eid visits

Enab Baladi – Amal Rantisi “The daily wage for a worker here does not exceed 100 Turkish liras, which is […]

Urban development plans guzzle homes of Darayya’s refugees, IDPs 

Enab Baladi – Saleh Malas “After the first massacre took place in Darayya, we were terrified, and me, my children, […]

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