Mice Infestation in Idlib


Enab Baladi Issue # 91– Sun, Nov. 17, 2013

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMalik Abou Isaac – Idlib

Suburbs of Idlib have been suffering from poor public, medical and social services for two years. The suffering of people living in Maarat Numan city and eastern areas around it increased as mice invaded the area. Mice and rats are widely spread in houses and stores as most residents had left the area for almost a year due to clashes in “Wadi al Daif”. In addition, most buildings were destroyed by the shelling which provided the environment for rodents to multiply. Moreover, agricultural associations and guide units have stopped operating and providing services or pesticide as the area was “liberated” from regime’s control. All these factors contributed to the spread of rodents in residential areas and made it an insoluble problem.

Effects of this infestation brought much destruction and caused much trouble to the residents. Mice cavities weakened the already-damaged houses by the shelling; most of the crops were lost as well. Hoards of food, furniture, clothes… etc. all were destroyed by this invasion.

Ali, a veterinarian, talked to Enab Baladi about the obstacles preventing people from securing pesticides to end, or at least limit, the infestation. “The Syrian-made pesticides which we used to use are very scarce; it is available only in regime-controlled areas, besides it is available at very high prices”. Doctor Ali added “we imported Turkish-made pesticides; we tried several formulas, none of them was effective”.

Abou Abdou, previously a member of a guide unit in Maarat Numan, said that each and every house is mouse-infested now, and that massive damage has been inflicted. He added “It became very common to see mice all around you in the house; further, you can see the holes where they live”. “We contacted local councils and called upon them to help us; they made formal requests to several agencies in Turkey and now we are waiting to see what they can do” said Abou Abdou.

This is how the Syrians are living nowadays; once chapter of their suffering elapse, a much more bitter and difficult one storms their lives, as many activists and families expressed their situation.

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