Geneva II… The Need for Progress


Enab Baladi Issue # 88 – Sun, Oct. 27, 2013 – Editorial

Enab Baladi Issue 88There has been much talk recently about Geneva II conference which is being held amid intensifying tensions between supporters, opponents, those who express preferences, make assertions, or lay down conditions from all factions of the Syrian opposition (within Syrian and abroad), the United States, Russia, and other states, as well as from the joint UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar El Ibrahimi.

The Syrian regime seems to be the only party that is not involved or concerned in these tensions based on its legitimacy as being one side in Geneva talks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the involved parties, that are supposed to form a united force on the other side of the talks, wrangle over their visions and conditions, and claim precedence over one another and legitimacy. Such disputes reflect blatant contradictions in the deep discord among those who aim to develop a more stable Syria; in the stubborn and the narrow-minded stances of those who strive for a Syria for all; and in the abject failure of those who aspire to lead Syria through the transitional period, to reach a settlement in Geneva II.

Exerting efforts to help the Geneva II talks succeed is a necessity at this point. It will be a test for all parties involved. The Syrian opposition’s performance will be tested and assessed by the Syrians, not to mention by the West. The success of the Syrian opposition will prove it will be possible to control the increasing influence of extremist groups among armed opposition, and in civil communities in liberated areas. It will also prove that there is a competent alternative to Al Assad, which will increase pressure on Assad’s allies to abandon him. Geneva talks will also be a test that will reveal the true intentions of the “Friends of Syria” and other world-power states in the region. Geneva II will be the first step towards ensuring that whoever deserves to go to Lahay will go.

On the other hand, engaging in internal disputes will only provide a re-legitimization of Al Assad, and make some believe that him running for the next presidential term is “no problem”.

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