Enab Baladi: Training Workshop on Vocal Skills and Presentation


Under the “Practice” Training Program, Enab Baladi concluded a workshop on “vocal skills and radio presentation” at its office in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The workshop, conducted on the first two days of February, was attended by six Syrian women trainees, who were granted a “Practice” scholarship and have already received training on journalistic writing, photography and video editing.

The workshop included theoretical information and practical training on the methods and the skills of improving sound pitches as to better the vocal performance, starting with informing the trainees of several skills and basic information which constitute the key to controlling voice pitches, the correct points of articulation and getting a pure voice.

The workshop also focused on the importance of using proper Arabic during the presentation, developing the methods with which texts are approached, utilizing emotions in the reading process and explaining the skills of changing the intonation of presentation, ascensions and stress, in addition to the speed rate and types of pauses.

The training also indicated the importance of protecting voice, overcoming the possible harm it might be exposed to and the importance of breathing for having a better voice.

The trainees were also trained on organizing the process of breathing and elongating it, in addition to the “vocalize” training to develop their vocal performance.

At the end of the workshop, the trainees managed to read and record several types of texts, including reports, briefings and news bulletins

“Practice” is a journalism training program aimed at students of the faculties of journalism, languages and new graduates, offering them an opportunity to have a practical training by practicing in the newsroom and media production departments of Enab Baladi Organization, as to qualify them to enter the media market.

So far two rounds of “Practice” training program were conducted, under which 17 women trainees graduated; they completed the program with the needed qualifications to enter the labor market and the skills to produce news pieces, reports, features and video-based stories.

النسخة العربية من المقال

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