Enab Baladi Organizes a Workshop on “Data Journalism”

Training workshope on “Data Journalism” in Enab Baladi org - 6 Dec 2017 (Enab Baladi)

Training workshope on “Data Journalism” in Enab Baladi org - 6 Dec 2017 (Enab Baladi)


Four journalists from Enab Baladi completed training on “Data Journalism” in a training workshop presented by the Turkish trainer, Pinar Dag, from 3-6 of December, in Istanbul.

The workshop included an introduction to the methods needed to access and analyze raw data using various digital techniques and applications, as well as the use of visual tools in presenting results and supporting journalistic stories.

The first day’s sessions focused on introducing the trainees to the most important tools, websites and applications that provide easy access to basic data, official numbers, government indicators and experienced sources.

The second day of training included an introduction to the most important visual tools that can be used to utilize and analyze data to reach a coherent journalistic story.

On the last day, the trainees presented a number of projects through which they utilized and analyzed data resorting to various digital mechanisms and tools.

Trainer Pinar Dag emphasizes the importance of Data Journalism and believes that every journalist today must have the skills needed to provide an integrated news product by collecting, refining and analyzing accurate data, as well as using charts and maps.

Dag believes that “interactive maps create influential stories”. That is the reason why it is necessary to utilize them in Syrian media, as well as data columns that show comparisons between numbers, ratios and other interactive tools that help the reader understand the presented topics better.

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