Enough is Enough


Enab Baladi Issue # 96 – Sun, Dec. 22, 2013 – Editorial

عنب بلدي - العدد السادس والتسعون - الأحد 22 كانون الأول 2013 copyWhen Religious Muslim Scholars in Damascus break their silence after lengthy lenient leaning to reforms in an effort to “ward off strife”, it strongly indicates the excesses of “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” which have amounted to an end that cannot be tolerated any longer pushing men of religion to make sure to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s and to call upon “Amirs (princes) of States” to follow the right path in addition to holding the ISIS responsible for the violations and crimes they have committed, and for the consequences of the measures taken by other armed groups “in self-defense”.

On the ground, the joint statement issued by prominent figures and committees in Syria gave legitimacy to moderate Islamic groups for putting a limit to the Islamic State’s violations, and to avenge the death of their leaders who were killed on the pretexts of “infidelity and having ties to the West”; especially following the obvious disregard of Bayaa(pledge of loyalty)to Zawahiri when he ordered Qaeda fighters to dismantle the State and to stick to the Iraqi boarders.

As Al Nusra Front came forward as a reformist alternative to the extremism of Al Qaeda and a closer affiliate to the moderate Islamists, the ground was divided between two conflicting camps threatening to be dragged into an infighting that would thwart the Revolution and divert it from its original track; moreover it would negatively affect the battle at frontlines against Al Assad.

On the other hand, the west will continue to present allegations to refuse backing revolutionists in fear of “extremist groups”; whereas Assad supporters will have the chance to present Al Assad during Geneva II –if ever held- as the most effectual alternative to extremism in the region. Meanwhile, both sides are turning a blind eye to the atrocious crimes of sectarian extremism against Syrian citizens carried out by the Iraqi and Lebanese Militias.

And among those who seeking 1400-old-year vengeance and those who are fighting over the shape of the new Syria, the genuine Revolution of justice and dignity fades away, and all that is left are freezing screams and cries of Syrian refugees from amid snow and severe frost calling for rescue from being neglected just as the Revolution has been.

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