The Windup of the Resistance


Enab Baladi Issue # 83Enab Baladi Issue # 83 – Sun, Sep. 22, 2013 – Editorial

The Syrian Regime has finally given up its trump card, which had been tapped on time after time until it was used up. The regime has let go of the “Resistance” and of the strategic liability, sacrificing the power which it has always concealed for the confrontation with Israel. Al-Assad who has been imprisoning activists and thinkers hurling accusations of “Dilution of National Consciousness” and “Affront of National Dignity” at them, expressed clearly his willingness to hand over Syria’s chemical arsenal to the west to destroy, in return for the disregard of the crimes he has committed. Such an agreement does not only indicate the failure of the International Community to stop Al-Assad; it rather indicates them legitimizing his crimes. Moreover, Al-Assad asked to join Chemical Weapons Convention after he reminded the whole world of his favour of bearing the risk of keeping these weapons for so long! Meanwhile, pro-regime media, and supporters of Al-Assad continue to reiterate “Resistance” slogans and to clap for the “Steadiness of our Nation”, unaware that these have been officially declared expired by Al-Assad himself. For them, Assad maintaining presidency is the true victory for the “Resistance” even if it implies him surrendering to his enemies.

In taking such an action, Al-Assad may be buying more time from the International Community; however, he is urging the Syrians to bring his end. The backdown that Assad has offered to avoid a confrontation with the United States proved for the revolutionist in Syria that the regime has become weaker than ever; besides, it exposed the illusions offered by the regime for years. This backdown is just the beginning of the end. The International Community delays will not last for long; the United stated, which performed a diplomatic “Strike” dance around Syria’s chemical weapons to protect its strategic ally in the region, Israel, from the chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands, the hands of a true “Resistance”, it may not ignore its own red line to conciliate a falling regime; Iran and Russia will not go on backing a vulnerable powerless regime that lost control on its ground; and above all, calls for freedom will persist unstoppable since Assad chemical weapons could  not stop it, nor could the shelling or the shooting before.

Enab Baladi Issue 83

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