An “Evacuees Convey” Crash Kills People from Ghouta

Injured people in the crash of the buses carrying eastern Ghouta’s displaced people– March 31. 2018 (Facebook)

Injured people in the crash of the buses carrying eastern Ghouta’s displaced people– March 31. 2018 (Facebook)


Five civilians died, and others have been injured in the crash of the buses that carried the displaced people of Eastern Ghouta to Northern Syria.

Enab Baladi’s reporter quoted medical sources on Saturday, March 31, saying that the number of the traffic accident’s victims reached five and other 14 civilians were injured, including members of the “Syrian Red Crescent.” The accident took place while the buses crossed the Bared River area, which is under the Syrian regime’s control.

The reporter explained that the injured “Red Crescent” members would receive medical care in the regime’s areas, and the other injured people will be transported to the opposition-held areas.

Local pages confirmed the accident; Enab Baladi managed to get pictures of the victims, but it apologizes for not publishing them.

“Al-Watan” Newspaper, a regime affiliate outlet, reported that civilian victims and a number of armed men died in a fearful traffic accident on the Beit Yashout road, where a bus that transported armed men to Idlib, collided with passing cars that headed to the city of Jableh”.

The middle sector’s fighters and their families continue to exit the area towards Northern Syria, under the agreement which “al-Rahaman Legion” has signed with Russia.

According to Enab Baladi’s observations, since the first day of the agreement on March 24 to the day, about 35 thousand people have left the area, including civilians and militants, towards Idlib Governorate.

The displaced people were divided into seven portions that took the road passing through the towns and villages of the Syrian coast. It is expected that the two coming days will witness the departure of the largest portion of the area’s people.


Added to the accident’s victims, Enab Baladi’s reporter in rural Hama said that a person, displaced from Ghouta, died, a few hours ago, due to the Russian aircraft air raids on the city of Ariha in rural Idlib.

The departure agreement was signed early this week by the committee representing “al-Rahman Legion,” the members of which belong to both civil and military entities, and the Russian side, represented by General Alexander Sorin.

According to the agreement, the Russian side offers guarantees to transport patients and injured people to Damascus’ hospitals, through the “Red Crescent” Organization, at their own discretion; it also guarantees their safety and that they would not be prosecuted by the government of the Syrian regime.

In the past a few days, activists have been publishing photos of the damage that befell the buses that carried displaced people, after Assad’s forces members threw stones at them in the villages and towns of the Syrian coast.

In the military campaign, started on 19 last February and lasted to 23 March,  1433 civilians died under aerial shelling which targeted Eastern Ghouta, according to the Civil Defense in rural Damascus.

Idlib’s activists speak of the difficult living conditions which the displaced people are facing in rural Idlib, despite the fact that dozens of local organizations are working to transport them and provide them with relief aids in the makeshift camps and centers they are based in these days.

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