Syrian Civil Defense organizes an exhibition featuring its work in Aleppo


Within the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution The country’s, Syrian Civil Defense organizes an exhibition featuring its work in Aleppo

On March 17th, Aleppo’s Civil Defense, working in the neighborhood of bab al-Neirab, opened the doors to a new photo exhibition, in order to showcase its history and archive of work, and to draw attention to the organization.

According to head of the Center for Civil Defense in the neighborhood, Baybars Mashaal, the aim of the exhibition was to draw attention to the work of the Civil Defense, and especially to the victims and wounded from the organization, who are still undergoing recovery.

The country’s Organization for Civil Defense emerged from the womb of the revolution, according to Mashaal, who deemed it “non-indifferent”. Mashaal aims to deliver a message to the citizens of the country, that “we are from you, and a part of you.”

According to the medical activist Huzaifa Dahman, who spoke with Enab Baladi, the exhibition summarizes the difficulties experienced by members of the Civil Defense and includes pictures of children who have been rescued by the organization. Other pictures are purported to show the wounds and injuries experienced by some of the Civil Defense’s workers, while operating in and around the city of Aleppo.

One of those present, an activist by the name of Abdul Hamid al-Bakri , reported that the exhibition is the first of its kind in the liberated city of Aleppo. In speaking  to Enab Baladi, he claimed that ” The exhibition reminds many of us of tragic events which are filled with sadness and grief. The exhibition helps summarize the work of the Civil Defense, over the past five years of the Revolution. ” Hamid al-Bakri also points out that the exhibition “includes professional photographs, which indicates the seriousness of the work of the organization and its members in general.”

The inauguration carried over for a second day ( Friday 18 March ), and included (in addition to the exhibition’s photographs) several paragraphs, which helped show off elements of the city’s Civil Defense- and most notably, its rescue and fire fighting teams, as well as its rappellers. The new exhibition comes in tandem with other activities and celebrations, all meant to commemorate the Revolution in Aleppo and its fifth anniversary. Additional events included many demonstrations and nightly celebrations in favor of the Revolution, and these events were attended by many organizations and people throughout the city.

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