Tragedy of the Century


Enab Baladi Issue # 108– Sun, Mar. 16, 2014 – Eitorial

عنب بلدي - العدد 108 - الأحد 16 آذار 2014 - غلافThe third anniversary of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution was marked a couple of days ago amid celebrations, festivals and variety of events held in a wide range of countries in order to stress the necessity for keeping the ideals of the Syrian revolution alive. Whereas Syrian people inside were deprived of such opportunity, though doubt has reached many of them as to whether this revolution will achieve its prime goals.

As the Syrian revolution enters its fourth year, it suffers an additional setback to the ones it sustained throughout last year as regime forces took over al-Qalamoon. Meanwhile, clashes intensify between armed groups –allegedly represent the opposition- in northern Syria, heedless of what is going on in middle and southern areas.

Waves of conflicting emotions fill the Syrian people as a fourth year of revolution comes: hope, despair, optimism, frustration, anger, venom and forgiveness; yet at the end hope prevails all- hope that the sacrifices they have been making will bring in their freedom and their dignity.

The price the Syrian people have been paying exceeded that the other Arab spring countries paid; yet they remain determined to continue what they have started, and to reach the end they have been seeking no matter how long and weary the road becomes.

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