Internal Aggression


Enab Baladi Issue # 106– Sun, Mar. 2, 2014

عنب بلدي - العدد 106 - الأحد 2 آذار 2014 - غلافIt has been three years since the children who had written freedom anti-government graffiti on a wall in Daraa were arrested and tortured by Assad regime. Today, three years later, the Syrian Revolution has reached a critical crossroad, worn out and with a blurred vision of what is to come as the current status is a mere duplicate of that of Assad aggression except for the only difference that it is an internal aggression.

Today, in the absence of a deterrent law and a just juridical authority, the situation has degenerated into chaos; the right became wrong and falsehood prevailed stabbing honorable people in the back and taking advantage of calls for ending the bloodshed and warding off strife.

The city of Daraya has been an exemplary icon of organized coordination throughout the revolution, yet today one of its honorable men, who has been always known for his honesty and trustworthiness, had to resign his office in order to ward off strife; whereas the wanted for justice are still giving feeble excuses to escape it; moreover, they exceeded that to forming a brigade of outlaws.

The battle between good and evil did not start today; it broke out two years ago as intellectual conflict emerged between advocates of a civil state and advocates of an Islamic state in form.  The problem, though reflected in symbols adopted to represent each side, it actually lies in the mentality which welcomed extremism, and gave all kind of excuses to whoever praised God and deemed whoever calls for civil society false.

The same scenario is repeated all over Syria, even at worse scale as the Islamic State facing all revolutionary forces chopping hands off, flogging backs, and claiming truth and justice to itself.

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