A War on “State” for State


Enab Baladi Issue # 98 – Sun, Jan. 5, 2014 – Editorial

داعشThe excesses committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have escalated to a point that no eye can be turned blind to them. Thus, other armed groups in the opposition became forced to retaliate in an attempt to put an end to these violations. The State was also presented with two choices: either to dismantle itself and join other armed formations, or to vacate Syria laying down their arms.

The problem, however, lies in the participation of merchants of war and thieves among armed rebels, who are awaiting the chance to take reprisals against the organization that clamped restrictions on them throughout the previous couple of months. Such a situation constitutes credible threats of elimination against a number of the ISIS’s fighters who joined the organization only to fight oppression and tyranny of Al Assad regime, and thereby posing a serious menace of infighting that will bring devastating unforeseen consequences and will consume opposition fighters from both sides consequently offering Al Assad a strategic advantage.

Moreover, the rigidity of the State in deterring its adversaries proves that a bloody war in rebel-held areas is unavoidable and there is no escape of it, not unless the ISIS listened to reason and retreated surrendering its headquarters to less extremist groups such Nusra Front -as Abou Hamza Al Ansari, Amir (the Price) of the State, did in Al Shaghour when he declared abdication of armed activities in order to “save lives” and to “ward off strife”.

Nevertheless, no one shall deny the fact that Al Assad is the biggest beneficiary of hostilities and divisions among armed factions since the Syrian people who sparked the revolt against him are the ones who are paying the price for the fighting, whereas his army will be awaiting the chance to finish both sides when they become exhausted by factional fighting.

Aside from the language of bullets, and after a prolonged absence the essence of the Revolution -as the State have been tightening restrictions on civil activists and media worker-, a clear proof that the spirit of the revolution shall never die, and that the Syrian people are still longing to liberty and dignity they called for was presented during last Friday when chants and mottos were raised reminding people of the noble aims of the Revolution; whereas the demonstration were dedicated to “Abou Rayan, Victim of Treachery”.

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