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Enab Baladi Issue # 92 – Sun, Nov. 24, 2013 – Editorial

Enab Baladi Issue 92Following a series of drawbacks on the ground, the Syrian people are considering “The Islamic Front” to be their only savior amid the chaos and the fragmentation of fighting groups.

The coalition of these groups –Islamic front-, if transferred to further coordination among armed formations in order for them to be in one accord, will, in theory, bring a major power into existence on the Syrian ground. Besides, focusing on the common aim of toppling Assad regime, then moving to the reconstruction of the state will unite their efforts to face the frantic sectarian motif of Assad allies in Syria. Moreover, the media union of armed groups will provide a common unifying speech instead of the heaps of conflicting statements of claims and denials of responsibilities.

On the ground, efforts of the Islamic Front seem to pay off; the front’s fighters managed to break siege of Eastern Ghouta after a year of immense suffering and severe deprivation. Several towns in Damascus Suburbs were taken over, in addition to the advancement of opposition fighters in southeast Aleppo to strategic positions.

As for the Syrian people, they are awaiting the change of “Regionalism” strategy, which the Islamic front is supposed to initiate. Other armed formations are expected to help relieving besieged areas even without joining Islamic Front.

The new formation which is labeled as “moderate Islamic” –if it succeeded- will be the core of the coming national army which will lead the next phase of the Syrian scene, preventing both fragmentation and extremism.

Further efforts towards consolidation were recorded in the last couple of days indicating the armed groups’ awareness of which way the wind blows.

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