Enab Baladi’s Facebook Followers Exceed 100,000


Enab Baladi Issue # 91– Sun, Nov. 17, 2013

عنب بلدي فيسبوكTwenty-two months after of the foundation of the newspaper, Enab Baladi issues its 91st issue as its followers on its official Facebook page exceeds 100,000.

Enab Baladi is pleased to reach this milestone which, for our team, goes beyond statistics; it indicates the trust our newspaper has established, a trust that we -Enab Baladi- are proud to foster and keen to maintain through providing a realistic and objective insight into the Syrian scene and through providing what is interesting and useful to our readers.

We hope that Enab Baladi continues to effectively reach its audience through both printed and electronic versions. We also sincerely hope that Enab Baladi will always hold onto the values of providing a credible alternative to the fabrications of regime media and of providing a platform for oppressed  voices, the same values it has held ever since its launch almost two years ago.

Enab Baladi heartily thanks its readers and followers for their support of its experimental project which would have never attained success without them. Enab Baladi also thanks all participants who enriched its content with their testimonies, statements or interviews.

Enab Baladi hopes it always will be the forum of free writers and the voice of the free Syrian youth; and to always be worthy of its name “Enab Baladi” [Local Grapes].

Enab Baladi Issue 91

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