“Yasmin Al Sham” Newborn amid Siege


Enab Baladi Issue # 82 – Sunday August 15, 2013

ياسمين الشامThe baby girl “Yasmin Al Sham” was born Wednesday, Sep. 11th.  The baby was delivered by a C-section in Daraya Field Hospital.

Being the only medical care centre in the city for civilians and military personnel, the mother was admitted to the field hospital, and the surgery was successful despite the lack of equipment to perform such a surgery.

“Yasmin Al Sham” is not the first baby to be delivered at the field hospital in Daraya since the onset of the last ongoing military campaign; the hospital has received four deliveries before, all of them were successful. However, “Yasmin Al Sham” is still the first baby girl after four baby boys born in the same hospital.

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