‘Thank You Turkey’


Enab Baladi Issue # 85 – Sun, Oct. 06, 2013 – Editorial

Enab Baladi issue 85The names of Fridays in Syria have been falling in importance, till they became almost forgotten and overlooked. Throughout the beginnings of the Syrian Revolution, choosing a slogan for each Friday used to carry an intellectual and an educational meaning; however, now it is merely a Facebook poll that has no practical implication, and a fierce online competition among activists, nothing more.  Very few people know the name of the last Friday, and even less know the name of the previous one.

Last Friday was called “Thank You Turkey”, though it aroused controversy among activists, it indicates our awareness of the fact that Turkey suffered the major repercussions of the Syrian Revolution. 700 thousands of displaced people were welcomed in Turkey; several legislations concerning refugees’ issues were passed in order to improve their living conditions and to help them pursue their careers, studies, and other activities including political and media interests. These efforts cannot be denied by a rational mind.

Bashar Al Assad, head of the Syrian regime, said in an interview with an opposing Turkish newspaper that Turkey was turned into a large prison under Erdoğan’s rule, while the displaced Syrians found themselves in Turkey welcomed guests in a safe home, rather than “the refugees” that had escaped from Syria, which was turned into a large prison under Al Assad dictatorship.

We are not promoting for the poll of the names of Fridays, but we are expressing our gratitude to the country which provided shelter for the Syrian refugees and support for their cause, in the times when Arab states are rushing to get rid of them.

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