Whose Responsibility is the Strike?


Enab Baladi issue 81Whose Responsibility is the Strike?

Enab Baladi Issue # 81 – Sun, Sep. 8, 2013 – Editorial

The Syrians have been closely following the American political clout, more than the Americans themselves. Troubled and ill at ease, they became picky about where the congress stands on the military action on Syria, following all of the senators’ statements and tallying votes: for, against, and undecided.

Unfortunately, the Syrians have been divided between opposition and supporters of the regime, almost of every matter. Yet, for once, they all agreed that Obama has become the most influential figure on the Syrian scene. Obama’s influence became so great that the Speaker of the Syrian Parliament sent an urgent letter to the American Congress pleading for votes against the American intervention.

Following the news of the strike, the Syrians, opposition, supporters and victims of Assad, entered a labyrinth of accusations of betrayal, and a maze of abdicating and placing responsibilities. Though the U.S. is Israel’s greatest ally, Iraq’s invader, and Afghanistan’s occupier, and thousands of people were killed throughout its wars; perhaps its interests crossed with those of the Syrians this time. Today the U.S. stands, apparently, against the regime that has been killing its people for two and a half years, while no one could stop its destructive project in the region.

In any case, none of the revolutionists may be held responsible for this. The responsibility falls on the Syrian regime in the first place, the force which brought destruction to all of Syria only to help Assad maintain presidency, even if it is a presidency that will wreck the whole country. The responsibility also falls on supporters of the regime who passed out sweets celebrating the chemical attack on Ghouta and the death of its children- Syrian children, and on the supporters who launched one campaign after another calling upon Assad to annihilate opposing areas completely. Today, they are initiating public and media campaigns, warning the whole world of a third world war.

Blessed be the innocent souls of the Syrian kids, whose sleep-like death awakened the consciousness of the world which lives asleep.

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