The Syrians in the Face of Destiny


Enab Baladi Issue # 82 – Sun, Sep. 15, 2013 – Editorial

Enab Baladi Issue # 82 Sun, Sep. 15, 2013Once again the Syrian people lost their bet on the international community, only to discover that Syria, for them, is nothing more than a card played to settle the interests of the great powers in the world.

The Americans have not committed themselves to fighting Assad in order to save the wasted humanity in the cradle of civilizations, nor to show a face-saving courtesy of the “civilized” world. Even when they considered taking an action, they clearly expressed their motives of protecting their national security, in reference to that of Israel in this case, against Assad chemical weaponry. As for the Russians, they are not willing to lose their influence in the region; Assad regime, which has been killing innocent people using Russian-made weaponry, has always been a generous patron for decades, too generous to give up. The Syrian Regime continued tirelessly carrying out atrocities against its own people who seek freedom, careless of any threats, formal or real, since it is well aware of how the game of international interests is played.

As the Syrian tragedy reaches a peak, Russia and America meet in a western country, and decide to disregard the ongoing killing in Syria in return of dismantling Syrian chemical weapon arsenals that threatens the US national security. This US-Russia deal is another blatant disregard of values of humanity and civilization, and it came as a bitter blow to the Syrian people, who have been holding their breath for weeks and hoping for an international action that may end their misery.

The Syrians are facing Assad indiscriminate killing, once again, alone; and now they are also facing the inevitable truth that International Community is evading its ethical and legal responsibility, and that only internal efforts will bring Assad’s regime to an end.

The Syrians are destined to be let down whenever they seek help; they are destined to continue their struggle alone, helping themselves to achieve what they want.  It is inevitable for the Syrians to agree on a unifying national project and not to count on foreign intervention, since counting on that lead the Syrian Revolution into a long dark tunnel. The Syrian Revolution is passing through a drastic turn; yet, the unhesitating willingness and the noble sacrifices of the Syrian people will make it a turn for the better.

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