Criminal Chemicals


Enab Baladi Issue # 82 – Sun, Sep. 15, 2013

الكيماوي المجرمIsmael Haidar

The Syrian revolution is unveiling a new type of international justice, one that is so strange and so unfathomable that it has no match in the world’s nations’ written and unwritten histories. For the world has recently somehow decided that the means of committing a crime is what solely holds responsibility for it. Hence, chemical weapons in Syria were caught “red-handed” and the international community has conjured all its might to destroy this cursed criminal weapon and child murderer.

History has seen no matching farce!! Whoever would imagine that a criminal committing his crime under the nose of the whole world can still evade punishment when he gives up the “tool” of the crime? Does the international community think Syrians are a different species that can only be killed by chemical weapons? Or have 100,000+ Syrian martyrs died for natural yet unknown reasons? The world has suggested over and over again what it has now declared with utmost clarity: the international community wants Assad to be weak before Israel but at the same time remain the loyal guardian of its borders and crush Islamists within Syria.

The chemical massacre has uncovered the profoundness of discrimination and sectarianism which Western people hold against Muslims in the region. They don’t want “another Iraq”. Yet that is not because Iraq has been pulled to the ground, nor because they have been robbing its oil resources for meager prices. They don’t want another Iraq because they have lost a few thousand troops –mostly mercenaries. The massacre has also uncovered a disgustingly ideology-blinded opposition which is more intent on combating Islamists than on fighting Assad. Those claim it is still uncertain who had used chemical weapons in Ghouta but that it is absolutely clear who used them in Khan al-Asal.

“The Kurd has no one but the wind”, said Mahmoud Darwish, the renowned Palestinian poet. The international community’s message to the Syrian people is pretty similar: “Syrians have none but the wind”. But freedom shall dawn in Syria no matter how the world –near and far- conspires against their Revolution.

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