Local Council of Daraya City (LCDC) Loses its Media Head

شاهر معضماني1Local Council of Daraya City (LCDC) Loses its Media HeadOur colleague Shaher Muaddamani, a field media worker and photographer, was killed Friday afternoon, August 16th 2013 in Damascus Suburbs of Daraya in a rocket attack while he was at one the fighting fronts carrying out his work.
Shaher joined the group of peaceful movement in Daraya since the very beginning of the Syrian Revolution. At first, he participated in organizing demonstrations and preparing banners; later he specialized in photography and montage covering various revolutionary activities and events in the city.
Shaher, 26 years, was a graduate of Damascus Baking and Trading Institute. He was an active member of Daraya Coordination, and later he became the Head of the Media Centre in the Local Council of Daraya City.
Enab Baladi extend condolences to Shaher’s family and friends.
May his soul rest in peace.

Darayya 16/8/2013

Posts by Shaher on his Facebook account:
“Every evening, I take a walk in the streets of the town, out of necessity, or out of boredom.From east to west… Sometimes you’ll see someone making his way to a shelter. Sometimes you won’t see anyone at all.What you you won’t stop seeing are the destroyed homes, or their remains. But your camera fails to capture the extended darkness.When you get to your neighbourhood — and sometimes you will have to sneak into it — you think you’re going to see someone. Anyone. You look right, then left. You just want to see someone to say hello to. But don’t try. You won’t find anyone.You walk into the house like a little chick… You’re going to feel pain inside you. The doors, the walls, the foundations, they all long for people to live in them. Don’t be surprised if a sniper takes position near you and starts shooting at you. All you need to do is run into the darkness, far from where he can see you. You will feel a mixture of emotions, pain and longing… and a lot of bitterness. Daraya hurts me.”



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