Enab Baladi issue # 76

Enab Baladi Issue # 76 – Sunday August 04, 2013


Logistically, it was possible for Al Assad to reach Daraya’s eastern entrance on the National Army’s Day last Thursday, the very same spot where a number of drama series were filmed earlier this year. Also, his visit to the city is not as complicated as viewed by some activists or media workers since the road leading from the Presidential Palace to Abou Salah Square in Daraya has been well paved and leveled more than seven months ago. Assad could have breezed further through areas under his army’s control ever since the beginning of the last ongoing campaign on the city, the areas which are out of FSA snipers’ range and where no spies managed to get near. Moreover, he could have chosen a house to stay in, a house from the ones which were burnt, or of the ones which were brought down by his militia to strengthen the security belt around Assad’s strongest military air base, Mazzeh Military Airport.  Thousands of civilians have been displaced during the process; some others were killed when they refused to give up their homes which have become part of the airport’s banned-zone.

Bashar Al-Assad put on a show of confidence that was released on recorded footage later, and went for a stroll around what has become mere wreckage after 9 months of continual atrocities.  It is no wonder the only remaining land mark was the alleged Sukaina Shrine signboard which sends a clear message to Assad’s allies who have been fighting in Syria bolstering his forces under the cover of defending their rites and rituals! The “Mazar Sharif” was brought to being by the Iranians themselves; further, fighters from the militant Hezbollah took pride in taking photos there after their victory which was marked with trails of destruction.

Yet, the question is: was it a victory for Al Assad to the visit Daraya?
Well, let him refer the question to the 2000+ casualties inflicted by FSA snipers in Daraya; or to the five late leaders of the campaign, who met their ends in major FSA operations. He may as well check military records to discern how much power and ordnance were wasted on attempts to seize control of Daraya… And there he might find the answer.

Sooner or later, the definitive answer will be announced and delivered by the faithful youth of Daraya, Homs, Aleppo… all of Syria!

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