The Announcer Killed my Mother and Brother


Enab Baladi Newspaper – Issue 29 – 9-9-2012

Meho Dalain – Enab Baladi

“The announcer killed my mother and brother” said the five-year-old little girl Dana Moadamani who appeared on Al Dunia TV after we asked her “who killed your Mom”.
Dana never knew what happened to her on the 25th of August 2012. She heard the sound of big bangs while talking to her mother, suddenly, her mother went silent and did not answer her anymore so did her three-year-old little brother, Mohammad. Dana felt great pain at her flank which started bleeding. After a while, a huge number of armored men with helmets surrounded her and her family, which was laying beside her,  watching rather than helping her!!
Someone screamed: “Hey guys!! Here is a little girl, still alive” so the announcer of Al Dunia TV appeared and interviewed the little girl despite taking her to hospital!!

The announcer told her: “who is this woman beside you?” Dana answered: “My Mom” the announcer continued asking in cold blood: “Who killed her?!” Dana did not reply and was shaking in fear.
Everybody around her waited until the announcer finished interviewing Dana, who was bleeding after being injured, and waited also until the cameraman was ready to shoot them while taking her, calmly, to hospital after

two hours and a half, according to the report of doctors and rescuers.
She was badly injured so were her stomach and liver.
Dana Moadamani today, in addition to its physical injury, suffers from acute psychological shock after her mother and brother were killed before her by strangers in military uniforms, holding heavy arms with a “beautiful” announcer holding in her hand a blue weapon!!

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