Increasing interest in swimming in Ras al-Ain

Young people and children in Ras al-Ain are keen to learn swimming skills - June 21, 2024 (Enab Baladi)

Young people and children in Ras al-Ain are keen to learn swimming skills - June 21, 2024 (Enab Baladi)


Enab Baladi – Ras al-Ain

The sport of swimming in the city of Ras al-Ain, northwestern al-Hasakah, is witnessing increasing interest from various age groups. It is not only a refuge from the rising temperatures but also a sport that can be learned through proper methods and training.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the city, attracting many people who want to enjoy its benefits.

Although there are private pools in Ras al-Ain, most of them are out of service due to needing rehabilitation. There is a free pool managed by the Directorate of Sports and Youth, providing an opportunity for entertainment and training.

Malik al-Aidan, a young man from Ras al-Ain, expressed his love for swimming and told Enab Baladi that he decided to join free training courses at the Sports and Youth Center to acquire basic swimming skills.

He added that the training includes learning water gliding movements, jumping techniques, and how to maintain safety and avoid drowning.

He noted a significant improvement in his performance since the beginning of the course, as he gained the ability to control his body in the water and maintain his balance effectively.

As for young Kamel al-Helou, he said he started training to develop his swimming skills aiming for a good position in the upcoming swimming championship, especially after participating in the 2023 championship but failing to win.

He told Enab Baladi that his swimming abilities were not enough to win the championship he participated in, adding that the training taught him breathing techniques, gliding, and the ability to swim in multiple styles.

150 People daily

The municipal pool under the Directorate of Sports witnesses notable attendance, prompting officials to divide the training into morning and evening sessions to accommodate as many trainees as possible.

Qusai al-Badran, the swimming official at the Sports and Youth Office, told Enab Baladi that the pool receives 150 people daily, including those who come for swimming courses and swimmers looking to improve their skills.

He explained that the largest turnout comes from children, sent by their families to learn swimming at the center, while young people are allocated special periods in the evening.

The center has succeeded in training dozens of people who had no previous swimming experience, making them skilled in the sport.

He pointed out that the poor infrastructure and lack of indoor pools, especially in winter, put great pressure on the center daily, especially with the high temperatures in the area.

Developing swimming skills

Marwan al-Qadi, Director of the Sports and Youth Office, told Enab Baladi that the directorate seeks to attract as many young people, children, and adults as possible to learn and develop their swimming skills.

He explained that the directorate pays special attention to swimming, especially in the summer, and works to sterilize and change pool water regularly, providing services and training for free.

He added that the directorate organized a swimming championship in Ras al-Ain in 2023, with 30 competitors from six local clubs participating, and it plans to launch a new championship soon.

The city of Ras al-Ain suffers from a shortage of swimming pools, as most private pools are out of service and need comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation.

Residents of the city mainly rely on the Municipal Pool, which is free to enter and provides opportunities for swimming and training courses.

In 2021, a sports field, a swimming pool, and a mind and intelligence games center were established in the area. Volleyball is also popular in Ras al-Ain, drawing the interest of young people, and tournaments are held at close intervals, some through individual efforts and others under the supervision of the Directorate of Sports.

The cost of rehabilitating and building the field and the Sports and Youth Office exceeded $150,000. Opinions differed regarding the reconstruction of the field and the sports center, with some considering it non-essential amid the urgent need to provide support for the low-income and poor, while others see it as crucial for developing the sports sector and providing its essential facilities, including playgrounds.


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