New airline to operate in Syria next year

A new airline has been licensed to operate in Syria next year - December 12, 2023 (Lattakia News/Facebook)

A new airline has been licensed to operate in Syria next year - December 12, 2023 (Lattakia News/Facebook)


A Syrian official announced the opening of a new airline company next year, with 20% of its shares owned by a businessman close to the wife of the Syrian regime’s president, Asma al-Assad.

The director of civil aviation, Basim Mansour, spoke on Thursday, December 21, to the local Sham FM radio station about licensing a new airline in Syria named “Stars.”

The company is still in the process of completing its procedures, from aircraft to technical affairs, and will likely start its operations next year.

Mansour also noted that the licensing of any airline requires the company to own a minimum of one or two leased aircraft and to meet safety and security conditions.

Local pages on social media circulated roadside billboards in the streets of Damascus announcing the launch of an airline in Syria without mentioning its name.

According to decision number “1762” issued by the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in the regime’s government on the 26th of last October, published in the second part of the official Gazette, “issue 42”, the decision of the General Assembly of the company “Stars Airlines” to elect new management was approved by the ministry.

The company’s board of directors consists of three members: Al-Yaman Younes al-Khair as the chairman of the board of directors, Mustafa Abdul Razzaq Hussein as the vice chairman, and Abdul Qader Zakaria Shakifa as a member.

Al-Yaman Younes al-Khair is the managing director and founding partner of “Aussie L.L.C” company, which deals with owning and investing in tourism facilities in Syria. He owns 500 shares, equivalent to 50%, valued at 2,500,000 Syrian pounds. He also holds a managerial position in the “Blue Stars Global” company.

Al-Yaman Younes al-Khair is the chairman of the board of directors of Stars Airlines - 2023 (Official Gazette)

Al-Yaman Younes al-Khair is the chairman of the board of directors of Stars Airlines – 2023 (Official Gazette)

Asma al-Assad and Stars Airlines

In partnership with Mustafa Abdul Razzaq Hussein with a 40% share, Abdul Qader Zakaria Shakifa with a 40% share, and Ziyara Tourism company with a 20% share, the limited liability company “Stars Airlines” was established, according to issue number “11” for the year 2023 in the official Gazette, in its second part issued on the 16th of last March.

The Ziyara Tourism company, which owns a share in Stars Airlines, was founded by Yasar Hussein Ibrahim, who serves as an assistant to the regime’s president and manages the company, holding 50% of its shares. He is considered one of the individuals with significant economic ties with Asma al-Assad.

The company’s purpose is to engage in all activities related to air passenger and cargo transportation to and from Syria, as well as owning, purchasing, leasing, renting, and investing in aircraft, providing consultancy services, organizing air travel and its services, ground services, acting as an agent for airline companies, opening branches inside and outside Syria, and owning the necessary lands and properties for the company, except for building, selling, and trading any type of housing units.

Three years ago, the United States imposed sanctions on Asma al-Assad for “obstructing efforts to reach a political solution to end the Syrian conflict and leading the efforts in favor of the regime to consolidate its economic and political power, including the use of so-called charities and civil society organizations.”



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