Damascus International Airport resumes activity without official announcement

Air traffic from Damascus International Airport - December 29 (FlightRadar 24/screenshot)

Air traffic from Damascus International Airport - December 29 (FlightRadar 24/screenshot)


Flights to and from Damascus International Airport have resumed operations after a suspension of about a month due to repeated Israeli airstrikes on the airport.

The Ministry of Transport in the Syrian regime government has not issued any statement regarding the resumption of navigation at the airport. The news has been limited to local websites and social media accounts.

Enab Baladi observed air traffic in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, as well as scheduled flight times, and it became clear that the airport resumed operations on December 27, according to “FlightRadar 24,” a specialized website for monitoring air traffic.

Flights continue to operate from Latakia International Airport, according to Enab Baladi’s monitoring of air traffic and the announcements made by the Syrian airline “Cham Wings,” without an official announcement regarding the rescheduling of flights to Damascus Airport.

Meanwhile, aviation remains suspended at Aleppo International Airport until the publication of this report, according to air traffic monitoring websites observed by Enab Baladi.

Five strikes in two months

Israeli strikes on Syrian airports have been recurrent since the beginning of the military escalation between Israel and the al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”) on October 7.

On October 12, Israel targeted Aleppo and Damascus airports with missile strikes simultaneously, causing damage to their runways and taking them out of service.

Israel admitted that it targeted the two airports on October 12 with the aim of “sending a message to Iran not to interfere in the war in Gaza.”

Israeli aircraft again targeted Aleppo Airport on October 15 in an attack that once again took it out of service after it had resumed operations the day before.

On October 22, Israeli aircraft targeted the runways of Damascus and Aleppo airports in a coordinated attack, the second of its kind within ten days, taking both airports out of service.

On October 25, Israeli aircraft targeted the runway of Aleppo Airport in the fourth attack of its kind within two weeks, taking it out of service again after it had resumed operations without an official announcement.

Israeli planes also raided areas in and around the capital, Damascus, including Damascus Airport, on November 26, causing it to be taken out of service hours after it had resumed operations.

Israeli airstrike in the vicinity of Damascus

The regime’s Ministry of Defense announced an Israeli attack early today, Friday, December 29, from the direction of Lebanese territory, targeting a number of points in the vicinity of Damascus, resulting in material damage.

This comes after announcing an attack targeting points in the southern region on Thursday evening, also causing material damage, without specifying the nature of the targeted points.


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