HTS Arrests Abu Al-Abd Ashidaa For Addressing Corruption

HTS fighters conducting a security operation in Sarmin town, rural Idlib – June 30, 2018 (Ebaa)

HTS fighters conducting a security operation in Sarmin town, rural Idlib – June 30, 2018 (Ebaa)


The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) arrested one of its key commanders, Abu al-Abd Ashidaa, after he published a video, addressing “the financial and administrative corruption within HTS.”

Yesterday, September 12, HTS made a statement, saying that Abu al-Abd Ashidaa was arrested for refusing to show up before the Military Court that sought to consider his status following the video speech he delivered.

In the statement, published on Telegram accounts known for being close to HTS, it pointed out that it will not allow any attempt at split nor fueling strife within its ranks, given the situation it described as the enemy’s bid to penetrate right through its lines.

Abu al-Abd Ashidaa is one of HTS’ prominent commanders, which he joined after defecting from Ahrar al-Sham in late 2016, along with more than 100 fighters of his battalion, Mujahideen Ashidaa/Sturdy Jihadist, who mainly come from Aleppo province.

Having joined HTS, Abu al-Abd Ashidaa took command of the military bloc of Aleppo city. Then, he became the administrative commander of  Umar ibn al-Khattab Army,  consisting of HTS’ special forces.

On Tuesday, September 10, Abu al Abd Ashidaa posted a video titled To Prevent the Ship from Sinking, in which he spoke about the administrative and financial corruption within HTS and the fatal mistakes committed by the commanders in control of it.

In the video, which Enab Baladi watched, the commander accentuated that despite the substantial monthly income of HTS, its fighters do not receive any money; many of whom abandoned the faction triggered by extreme poverty.

He added that HTS fighters’ wages are among the least salaries paid to factions’ recruits in the area, given that some of the administrative personnel within the faction get more than 250USD a month.

He indicated that HTS was aware of the Syrian regime forces’ intention to storm the axis of the northern countryside of Hama two months before the start of the military offensive. However, it did not take any measures, such as fortification and camouflage, or announce readiness in the area.

On the other hand, HTS described the commander’s video speech as “full of lies and slander, leading to sedition and  division of the group, and that it also revealed information that may benefit the enemy in its war on the liberated north.”


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