IS Adopts Attack Against Assad Forces In Rural Daraa

Assad Forces’ personnel taking a photo in rural Daraa – July 2018 (Reuters)

Assad Forces’ personnel taking a photo in rural Daraa – July 2018 (Reuters)


The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the explosion that targeted Assad forces in the Melihit al-Atash town, rural Daraa, becoming its second attack against the forces since its retraction from the province a year ago.

As monitored by Enab Baladi, the IS-affiliated Amaaq Agency has quoted a security source on its Telegram channel on Sunday, July 28, as saying that an IS militant has yesterday confronted with a group of Assad forces and the personnel of the 5th Legion in the Melihit al-Atash town, eastern rural Daraa.

The Agency added that the confrontations caused the death of eight of the Assad forces’ personnel and the injury of 10 others, who were rushed to hospitals in Busra al-Sham and Izraa in the province’s countryside.

The Assad Forces have yesterday been a target to an explosion in the Melihit al-Atash town, which caused deaths and injuries among their ranks, amidst a recent increase in the attacks aimed at them in the area.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported yesterday that a “terrorist” blew himself up using an explosive vest, “when a group of Army personnel was raiding a den of terrorists in  Melihit al-Atash town, rural Daraa,” adding that “[the explosion] injured several militants, who have been transferred to the As-Sanamayn Hospital for treatment.”

A year into the “settlement” deal in Daraa province, which provided for the exit of the opposition factions under a Russian auspice, attacks of this sort have been on the rise.

The most recent of these incidents was the detonation of a 4th Division-affiliated camp bus and an explosion aimed at an officer holding the rank of colonel on July 17, in addition to an attempted detonation of a Russian Police Patrol, which took place two weeks ago.

This is the second attack that IS initiates in Daraa since its termination there in August 2018.

On June 4, 2019, IS announced targeting a vehicle belonging to Assad Forces on the road between Namer and Kherbet Ghazalaeh, north-eastern Daraa.

Amaag Agency, back then, said that the attack was conducted by what it called the “Security Detachment,” which hit the vehicle boarding three militants with two improvised explosive devices, killing the three of them and destroying the vehicle.

The attack adopted today, however, followed the Syrian regime’s release of 60 militants, who once fought for IS in the al-Yarmouk Basin, Daraa, as three opposition-affiliated sources reported to Enab Baladi.

Syrian Regime Releases Militants Who Once Fought Within IS’ Ranks In Daraa

In August 2018, Assad forces took over the al-Yarmouk Basin, Daraa province, which was IS’ last stronghold, through a Russian air force-backed military campaign, in which “reconciled” opposition factions participated.

The campaign ended with IS’ militants surrendering to Assad forces and reconciled/settlement armed groups, after which the forces declared full control over Daraa province and set up posts along the borders with Jordan and occupied Golan.

IS announces an attack aiming at Assad forces in Melihit al-Atash, eastern Daraa – July 27, 2019 (Amaaq)

IS announces an attack aiming at Assad forces in Melihit al-Atash, eastern Daraa – July 27, 2019 (Amaaq)

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