Al-Baghuz Battles as Shown by the Islamic State, Video Report


The Islamic State/IS has presented a dimension of the confrontations between its militants and those of the Syrian Democratic Forces/SDF in its last enclave in the area of al-Baghuz, east of the Euphrates.

In a video report, published by Nasher News Agency, IS-affiliated, on Saturday, March 16, IS’ fighters appear inside the neighborhoods of the al- Baghuz town while on combat with SDF militants.

In the report, which Enab Baladi viewed, the agency said that the photographs show “a dimension of the confrontations with the PKK fighters in the town of al-Baghuz.”

This corresponds to the final battle undertaken by SDF as to eliminate IS in the last of its enclaves, backed by the US-led coalition.

On its official website, SDF has yesterday said that “hundreds of IS foreign militants have given themselves in, along with their families, due to the siege imposed on them and the intensity of the military operations.”

The battles have been escalating in al-Baguz since last week, given the US-led coalition’s aerial attacks on the area and the surrender of hundreds of IS militants as a result of the confrontations.

IS has intensified it attacks on SDF posts throughout the last week, announcing the death and the injury of dozens of elements in operations where improvised explosive device and booby-trapped vehicles were deployed.


Last Wednesday, Ammaq Agency said that seven of SDF militants were either dead or injured in the confrontations.

However, there is not a neutral side to the confrontations that can accurately record the casualties on both sides.
This comes a week after the video that IS published under the title: “The Meanings of Steadfastness from al-Baghuz,” in which it implicitly hinted at its near retreat in the east of the Euphrates.

IS is today cornered in an area of no more than 700 square meters as a result of the major progress on the part of US-led coalition-backed SDF forces.

Earlier this month, the General Commander of SDF, expected that his forces will announce the “ultimate victory” over IS after a week. He said: “In a week, we will announce ultimate victory over [IS].”
But still, the operations are so far ongoing.

النسخة العربية من المقال

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