Painting and Singing, Children Rock an Event in Raqqa

The “Little Painter” exhibition at the “Abi Tammam” school in Raqqa – 2019 (Enab Baladi)  

The “Little Painter” exhibition at the “Abi Tammam” school in Raqqa – 2019 (Enab Baladi)  


In cooperation and coordination between the “Education Committee” in Raqqa and the “Future Makers” organization, the “Abi Tammam” School held a recreational activity for the students, which included an exhibition of drawings and theater performances.

The event, in addition to a group of the students’ parents and teachers, was attended by members of the Education Committee of the Raqqa Local Council and the Future Makers organization’s team, as well as representatives of local councils.

The event started with the “Little Painter” exhibition’s opening ceremony, which included drawings, handicrafts and decorative writings by the students, followed by musical and folkloric shows.

The administrators at the “Abi Tammam” school, Ali Mustafa and Asmaa Bahbouh, spoke to Enab Baladi about the event they supervised.

The both said that event’s idea was triggered by the desire to motivate children, develop their creative spirit and show their potential talents, as well as working to restore and strengthen relationships between teachers and students.

The event also aimed to raise the morale of the students and help them rid of the memories of the war-related tragedies, which contributes to the gradual return of life to Raqqa, with help from its people.

As for the preparation for the exhibition, the administrators explained that in the beginning the school’s basement was cleaned off the dirt and painted to give it a nice shape. Supplies and stationery, then, were then distributed to the students wishing to participate.

Under the supervision of the “Future Makers” team and some of the teachers, the drawings and handicrafts presented by the students were collected, the exhibition’s hall was decorated and equipped with tables, and the drawings and art pieces were showcased at convenient places.

The children expressed their joy at presenting their ideas and turning them into reality, for their drawings narrated all that they went through; they also manifested their love for life, painting and creativity.

Mohammad Khair Al-Jassem, the media official at the Education Committee, told Enab Baladi about his opinion of the exhibition.

He pointed out that children, despite all the tragedies and suffering they experienced during the war, were able to provide beautiful and distinctive drawings, showing the creative side to them, and expressed their optimism and hope for a better future.

He added that this type of exhibitions deserves to be developed and paid more attention to, but despite the limited material resources provided for the exhibition, the result was beautiful thanks to the creativity of children.

In general, art exhibitions contribute to highlighting and encouraging children’s artistic talents and creative abilities, as well as creating an opportunity to demonstrate the artistic, cultural and educational role of the schools.

In times of war, art and creativity become a refuge for those affected, who can overcome their suffering and sense the beauty of life from an artistic perspective, for innovation has always succeeded in bringing hope to the souls of those affected by war, violence and displacement.

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