Ghouta children send a congratulations letter to Putin


Ibrahim Al-Alwash

As President Trump was late in congratulating the winning Russian president, the children of Ghouta send a congratulations letter to Putin:

We thank you Mr. President Putin, the legitimate and elected president, for the concussion rockets that have reached us. We congratulate you on this commendable military technique that deserves appreciation and admiration. We invite the procurement committees of the armies of the world to respond to your concussion and non-concussion techniques that have led us out of shelters. We thank your concussion commentators, like Matazov, for their softness and athletic spirit in dealing with daily bombing and considering it the duty of the Russian nation to save the Syrian children in Ghouta and drive them out of the hands of the terrorists who demand freedom and the overthrow of the regime. Your rockets have driven us out of our villages, our cities and even our mothers. We thank you Mr. President for supporting your counterpart, the Syrian president (the legitimate and elected president), who finally received one of the children who forcibly left the shelters because of your rockets. Although the child appeared in the hands of your counterpart as a dead body like Christ who redeemed his family that was threatened with arrest and rape, his confused and anxious gaze was due to President Trump’s delay in sending you a congratulations letter to you and your missiles. This has led us to write these humble lines, compared to your black belt in Judo, ethics and politics, trying to revive the dead ones among your comrades in the Soviet Union. These lines salute ISIS too, with its black flag and good predecessors who used knives and swords.

We thank you Mr. President, who is elected in a repetitive manner, in a way that tickles the imagination of our Syrian rulers, and supports their eternal survival in protecting this country from the terrorists, from the West, which you hate as you hate us, and from the great rubble of the goals and slogans that were issued by your Soviet State to us. And here it is re-exporting them in a new and revised edition to suit the developments of the times, improve the conditions of burial in shelters and fit the order of vibration following the rhythm of the concussion rockets that are created by your geniuses. Those have been successful during more than half a century in the displacement of Russian and non-Russian peoples, and uprooting them from their homelands to the Gulag camps, which constitute a source of pride to you, your intelligence service and to your Grozny belief that you are resettling in our country Syria.

We thank your Mr. Minister of Defence, who announced after your election that he had forcibly displaced 80,000 of our people and that he is optimistic about the displacement of all the people of Ghouta and the destruction of all the towns and villages that the terrorists have crossed.

We thank your exclusive agent too, Brigadier General Al-Nimr, who distributes his pieces of advice and his valuable judgment. Without them, we would not understand the theoretical premises that underlie the genius of your moral, military and political strategy, which is shaking the shelters and trying hard to bring the Syrians back to the era of Hafez al-Asad, together with your sincere attempts to bring the world back to the era of the Soviet Union, the master of nuclear missiles, hunger and arrest.

We thank you Mr. President for the uprooting of the Ghouta trees before their flowering dates. The spring landscape tortures us amid this destruction, and does not match the beautiful scenery of fire and the smoke of your missiles manufactured by the latest Russian machinery and technology!

Thank you for relieving and saving us, Mr. President, because you sent Mother Teresa, the wife of Major General Muhammad al-Khuli, Mrs Mirzat Aboud, the wife of the founder of the Air Intelligence and the founder of the terrorist organization approach and its investment in international relations since Al-Hindawi operation in Germany up to the threats of the Grand Mufti of Al-Assad Republic, Ahmad Badr al-Din al-Hassoun, with Al-Assasd’s dormant cells in Europe. It is your Mufti who received your Bhutanese clerics as they steamed your planes at Hameimim Airport, which became a kindergarten of Paradise and a concussion and non-concussion national reconciliation approach. We wish to salute Mrs. Mirzat Aboud, the exclusive agency of your concussion rockets, in addition to her keeping of Fiat Car Agency that her husband the Major General granted to her.

Thank you Mr. President Putin for all you have done for us, the children of Ghouta, all Syria cities and villages. You have done a good job by shelling or destructing, whether in good faith or bad faith, and we assure you that our generation will remember all this in detail. It will be your bases which spread peace, love and rockets in the conscience of the Syrians of the next generation, and will be a fundamental goal of our lives.

We condemn President Trump for the delay in congratulating you, and we are proud of your electoral victories. We wish you 99 % in the upcoming elections, just like your predecessors in the Soviet Union, and like what happened with your ally Bashar Al-Asad, whom the legitimate and fair elections gave the power to bomb and displace the Syrian people and replace them with a more resistant and homogenized Iranian people.

One last remark: We apologize to our readers for providing more information about the pioneer friend, who is in charge of the security role of Mother Teresa: Mirzat Aboud, the wife of comrade Muhammad al-Khuli who is close to the “Father and the Leader.” Google prevents us from providing information about her, under the pretext of preserving the privacy of the murderers and criminals who wear the mask of a sheep. Meanwhile, our people who are killed in shelters are deprived of the privacy that allows even their nudity in front of the world. Thank Google sites that retain the privacy of the history of Muhammad al-Khuli, of the Air Intelligence, and his wife the representative of his security apparatus which is too creative in the arts of abuse.

النسخة العربية من المقال

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