Displaced People of Sinjar Sleeping on Atmeh Camp’s Floor

The living conditions of the people displaced from Sinjar to Atmeh Camp in Idlib- 27 December 2017 (Atmeh Refugee Camp/ Facebook)

The living conditions of the people displaced from Sinjar to Atmeh Camp in Idlib- 27 December 2017 (Atmeh Refugee Camp/ Facebook)


Leaving the towns of Sinjar, the escaping people, who run for their lives which Assad’s forces and the Russian aerial forces threatened with shelling, turned the ground of Atmeh camp, in rural Idlib, into beds to sleep on.

On 29 of December, Enab Baladi’s reporter in rural Idlib stated that more than 200 displaced families from Sinjar and its surrounding are sleeping on Atmeh camp’s floor.

The reporter added that these families are lacking the basics of life and that they are in an urgent need for relief assistance from humanitarian organizations.Most of all, these escapees demand shelters.

In the region, Assad’s forces are making a progress towards Abu al Dahour military airport, starting from three axes: The first is from Hamas’ eastern countryside, the second is from Aleppo’s eastern countryside and the third from Hama’s northern countryside.

Assad’s forces attempts at progress were accompanied by the warplane’s massive raids on the towns and villages of Hama’s eastern and northern countryside and Idlibs’ southern countryside.

The shelling caused deaths and injuries among civilians, in addition to the destruction of residential buildings. This triggered the people to escape the regions being bombarded into more benign areas.

The massive population movement, from the towns and villages of Idlib’s eastern and southern countryside and rural Hama towards Idlib’s eastern and northern countryside, persisted amidst the tenacious air military campaign that is targeting the towns and villages of rural Idlib and the absence of response on the part of the humanitarian organizations.

According to the reporter, the escaping families, who sought refuge in Atmeh camp, called relief entities in the area to supply them with urgent assistance and offer what is needed to shelter them.

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