Windmills New Source of Electricity in North Syria


Tarek Abu Ziyad-Idlib

Syrians in northern ‘liberated’ regions are working to find alternative sources of electricity since the main power turbines have stopped working and because of the huge recession in the power sector. Syrians use electric generators, batteries, and solar panels as alternative sources for electricity and finally they started using to windmills to generate electricity.

A windmill covers 70% of need

Windmill generating electricity covers 70% of total need for a family.

Saad Muhana, alternative power devices store owner in Saraqib in Idlib Countryside, told Enab Baladi that the widespread type provides strength of 1500 electric watts. This amount is enough to run lighting, television and simple electric devices.

‘However, you cannot depend on it fully, you need a solar panel beside the windmill to get free electricity,’ he said.

Saad Muhana pointed out that the cost of the windmill ranges according to its type and capacity. The widespread type is ‘the Turkish windmill.’ It costs between 1100 and 2000 American dollars.

Along with the windmill comes an electricity regulator to charge batteries and 220 voltage lifter.

‘The price of the battery and connectivity equipment is small and we install it for the client for free,’ Saad added.

Disadvantages and possible solutions

Alaa al-Din al-Shami from Taftanaz town in Idlib replaced the Turkish windmill with another locally manufactured one with primitive ways because the cost of the Turkish windmill is very expensive.

‘The high cost of the Turkish windmill made me get a hand-made one which generates electricity in a good way. It is a windmill that run a power generator,’ Alaa said.

‘The car generator is good enough. It generates 12 voltage and the strength depends on the movement. It connects to a battery that is continuously charged just like it operates in a car. It cost me 300 dollars only.’

Windmills are not always efficient. They require strong and continuous wind. Sometimes,

According to Adel Kubreete, originally from Hama and migrated to Idlib, windmills are designated for heights in order for it to function. It is very expensive, too. You can operate an electric generator for a period of two years in the price of one windmill. This way, you guarantee having electricity. Since we have amperes, we do not need windmills.’

Kubreete explains that generating power in an irregular way may cause damage in batteries and electric devices. Another problem is that wind is not constant. However, it can be efficient if its implemented in big projects in which electricity is generated regularly.

‘Green energy’ use in Syria’s ‘liberated regions’ did not emerge to preserve environment or reduce pollution, Syrians use it to provide a modest sum of lighting and cooling since power in Syria has become scarce.



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