Corpses Left Outside Aleppo Park for Over a Year


Enab Baladi Online – Nov. 24, 2014

Regime snipers on the front lines between regime and rebel-held areas of Aleppo have killed dozens

Perhaps it is only fate that gathered three civilians in front of the Saif ad-Dawla state park in the city of Aleppo, but in fact we do not have any information about them other than that their bodies have witnessed the chapters of battles in the neighborhood for a year and a half.

Aleppo Today reported on its Facebook page on Monday that the Red Crescent tried a year ago to pull out three bodies lying in front of Saif ad-Dawla state park, but the attempt failed after they were shot by one of regime’s snipers in the region, and the bodies have remained there since.

Regime snipers have killed dozens of civilians in several neighborhoods and front lines between the opposition and Assad’s forces. Many casualties have been recorded at the Bustan al-Qasr crossing between the liberated districts and regime-held areas, when people tried to pass to visit their relatives or buy some basic needs, but were shot by snipers located there.

Three bodies in Saif ad-Dawla, and others in other parts of Aleppo, are waiting to be buried, in a war that hasn’t progressed or regressed for more than two years.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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