Phobia of Terrorism Attracts Media


Enab Baladi Issue # 130 – Sun, August 17 , 2014

The blatant violations committed by the ISIS against both the civilians and the fighters in Syria compels local and international media workers to cover and document these violations, which have been taking the greater share of the media coverage in Syria.

These violations provide solid grounds for the western phobia of terrorism. Meanwhile, the ISIS has been trying to change the way of living in the areas it controls, seeking to impose extrinsic laws based on the “Islamic doctrines”, claim the ISIS fighters, completely negligent of the fact that the sanctity of life is a basic concept in Islam.

These attempts to change have been imposed using force, threats, and “slaughter”, unlike the attempts by other currents seeking to impose themselves in Syria, and that is what triggered the wide media coverage.

However, it should be noted that the efforts to document these violations or to analyze the mentality that encourages the ISIS fighters to proceed in committing them does not justify the continual violations committed by Al Assad against the civilians.

Assad has been seizing every chance to commit further crimes against revolted cities, shelling them with barrels of explosives and aimed missiles, in addition to dozens of detainees killed under torture. The regime continues its violation under typical pretexts of combating terrorism, and for the first time, the world –perhaps- will believe Assad’s story, or overlook its violations because the pretext Assad provides became supported with hundreds of recordings, images, and reports published by the “State” itself through the accounts of its spokespeople of “Welayat”

Strangely enough, the ISIS does not consider the media blitz on its practice a disparagement, but a proof of success. Meanwhile, “Await slaughter“, the message that the ISIS has been spreading, has actually succeeded in tainting and distorting the image of the revolution, and in providing the international community with the pretexts to putting it down.

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