Toxics Again


Enab Baladi – issue 112 – Sun. April 13th 2014

Once more the Syrian regime uses toxic gases against its own people, this time in Harasta in Damascus Suburbs, Hamah Suburbs, and in Idlib Suburbs. The attack claimed many lives, and caused plenty of injuries; however, and as it has always been, the world showed nothing but reluctance to response to the appalling atrocities committed in Syria every day.

Following the previous chemical attack, the international community compelled Assad government to give up the instrument of the crime by forcing the Syrian regime to transfer its chemical arsenal as apunishment for the attack. Thus, the killing instrument was brought to international justice, but not the killer. Meanwhile, the world is indifferently awaiting further atrocities against the Syrian people as the regime tested the seriousness of the international community through a series of small-scale attacks before the big strike.

The continued inactions and lukewarm responses towards the chemical massacre last year encouraged Assad regime to repeat its atrocities.

The whole world has said it repeatedly that the Syrians have none but themselves; however, the Syrian cause has never been addressed with as much irresponsibility and marginalization as it is now. The coverage of Syria’s news in the international media has declined in favour of the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane and the candidacy of Al Sisi.

The Syrians have been left to face death alone with international complicity to destroy an entire population for their crime of demanding and standing up for their freedom and dignity.

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