ima234Mohammad Anwar Quraitem
Martyred: November 28, 2012

Muhammed was known as Abu al-Nour. He was one of the first people to call for dignity and freedom since the outbreak of the revolution. He believed the price to freedom and dignity is huge, but the price to silence when oppressed and humiliated is huger.


He marked the revolutionary movement in Daraya and this had led the security apparatus to chase after him and eventually the detention of his brother in order to blackmail him. He survived detention attempts more than once.

He was one of the founders of Enab Baladi including a team from the city of Daraya.


The dream came true and the newspaper released a lot of issues. Abu al-Nour became a member in the board of directors of the emerging institution. He continuously contributed to the newspaper and he followed up with the same pace even after he was out of the board of directors as a result of the elections he was invited to.

Abu al-Nour did not miss the opportunity of joining the team in during the time of releasing the issue to put his fingerprint. Also, he used to make “foul (a traditional cuisine in Syria)” every Sunday morning and that had its own taste for everyone in the team.

In the last military campaign on the city of Daraya in the beginning of November 2012. The shelling increased and most of the people left the city; however, Abu al-Nour insisted on staying to be with the people who remained in the city to offer support and help in conveying the situation in the afflicted city to the world.

On Wednesday 28 of November 2012, touch was lost with Abu al-Nour when he went to see his life-long friend Abdul Rahim Sharbaji and his friend Marwan Sharbaji in their house in Moadamiya. His visit coincided with a number of raids by Mig warplanes over the area. Missiles were dropped which likely carried toxic gas substances. On Friday 30th of November and after two days of searching for him, he was found a martyr in the house of his friends and beside him are his friends, Abdul Rahim and Marwan Sharbaji, in a very bad shape because many missiles dropped on the house and no one could reach them.


Muhammed Fares Shuhada
Martyred: January 16, 2013

Known as Abu Yazan, he participated in the first protests in the city of Daraya on 25th March 2011 accompanying tens of people from the city. Also, he contributed to “national dialogue” sessions which were held in the cultural center in Daraya. He argued with regime’s delegates and defended his principles and his belief in peaceful change.

Abu Yazan was never absent from the revolution’s field except for the days he spent in the regime’s prisons following his detention by Air Force Intelligence in al-Harir Friday on 12 May 2011.

He returned to revolutionary activity following his release. He was always among the protesters and he would along with some men in the city get all the equipment for protests like broadcast, flags and banners.

Furthermore, he was a member in the group which founded Enab Baladi in 2012 and he stayed a member for many months before he devoted himself to other activities and eventually leave the team. However, he continued working as a field reporter for the newspaper providing news and latest field developments and he was a rich source for the news department. He played an essential role in organizing the cleaning campaign which included most of Daraya during the month of April.

Also, he contributed in founding Daraya Local Council and he became a member in the revolutionary movement office to follow up with his revolutionary activity under the umbrella of the council until he got martyred on Wednesday January 16, 2013.


Ahmad Khaled Shihadeh
Martyred: March 12, 2013

Ahmad Shihadeh was member in the board of directors of Enab Baladi and managing editor. He was martyred on Tuesday evening 12 March 2013 by missile shelling directed at his location in Daraya.



Since the outbreak of the revolution, he joined the group of men from Daraya in calling for peaceful change and he participated in most protests and revolutionary activities in the city.

Also, he contributed in different activities in the humanitarian field and he participated in founding the local council in the city and became a member in the relief work office.

Ahmed was born in Daraya in 1980. He secretly joined Enab Baladi’s team after months of newspaper release. He worked as editing manager for the economy page. Then he worked in editing and supervised writing the weekly feature. Also, he supervised proofreading.

Ahmad was elected as a member in the board of directors in which he spent 3 consecutive rounds until the time he was martyred. When Ahmed joined the team, he had a clear impact on improving the quality of the newspaper’s content. He had a great intellect, literary capacity and a long-term political perception.