SDC calls on Syrian opposition for dialogue following Aleppo’s countryside protests

From the Political Council meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council, June 4, 2024 (SDC)

From the Political Council meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council, June 4, 2024 (SDC)


The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political umbrella for the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), called on the Syrian opposition for dialogue, expressing its support for the protests that took place in cities in northern Aleppo against Turkey on Monday.

In a statement issued today, Tuesday, July 2, it said that the uprising of Syrians everywhere, their rightful goals, and demands are the compass for its political work, stressing that the protests in Aleppo’s countryside and As-Suwayda prove that there is no solution in Syria that bypasses the rights of its people.

The SDC called on Syrian political forces to be responsible towards the fate of the Syrians, pointing out that “national and sensible dialogue is the way to overcome our catastrophe and impose the Syrian people’s vision on the international stage as the basis for any project aimed at a solution.”

It added that Turkey’s attempts to restore relations with the Syrian regime at the expense of the Syrian people’s interests and sacrifices confirm that the salvation of Syrians will only be through their unity, cooperation, and overcoming their differences in the interest of the “comprehensive Syrian national project.”

The SDC’s statement pointed out that recent events in northern Syria and in countries of refuge are irrefutable evidence that “Syrians have no one but Syrians.”

“Our destiny should be of our own making, and our strength lies in our unity. Since Syria is for all Syrians, we welcome every Syrian seeking safety and stability. We welcome every political force seeking independence and breaking the chains of dependency, and we call on Syrians in general and their political forces in particular to a comprehensive national conference that lays the foundations for salvation and liberation for Syria,” the statement added.

The SDC’s calls for dialogue with the Syrian opposition have been repeated, as its political council previously stated on June 4 that it “is open to communication with all national forces in the occupied areas to end the occupation and achieve democratic transformation.”

The SDC did not specify what it means by “national forces,” as it refers to northwestern Syria as “occupied areas” pointing to Turkish influence there. It opposes the political and military entities spread in the region, using the term “mercenaries” to describe these entities in its rhetoric.

Since its establishment in 2013, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has monitored negotiations between the opposition and the regime under international sponsorship, the Arab initiative, and steps towards normalization with the regime. It is evident that it has been unable to engage in any of these tracks due to lack of recognition from all parties, even its allies in the United States.

The administration and the SDC have attempted to put forward a path for dialogue with all parties in Syria, including the Syrian regime, but have yet to achieve steps in any of these tracks.

On Monday, cities and towns in northwestern Syria witnessed anger and protests following assaults on Syrian refugees and their properties in Turkey’s Kayseri province.

Protesters gathered at the Bab al-Salameh border crossing, preventing the entry of Turkish trucks and cars. Enab Baladi’s reporter in the area stated that vehicles belonging to Turkish employees were attacked and vandalized as they exited the city of Azaz towards the crossing.

Over time, the protests turned into armed confrontations in Afrin city, where unidentified armed men clashed with Turkish forces in the city center, resulting in casualties. Turkey sent anti-riot forces to northern Syria to contain the protests.


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