Protesters in As-Suwayda call for boycott of People’s Assembly elections

One of the banners raised by the protesters in the al-Karamah Square in As-Suwayda, calling for a boycott of the People's Assembly elections - July 5, 2024 (Suwayda 24)

One of the banners raised by the protesters in the al-Karamah Square in As-Suwayda, calling for a boycott of the People's Assembly elections - July 5, 2024 (Suwayda 24)


The residents of As-Suwayda governorate, southern Syria, continue their peaceful protests demanding political change and the overthrow of the Syrian regime, for nearly 11 months, since the demonstrations began on August 17, 2023.

Today, Friday, July 5, a central demonstration took place in the al-Karamah Square, which is the main point of protest and demonstration in the center of As-Suwayda city.

Notably, today’s demonstration saw As-Suwayda residents focusing their banners on calls to boycott the People’s Assembly elections scheduled for July 15.

The banners published by Suwayda 24 included several phrases calling for a boycott of the People’s Assembly elections, most notably: “Members of the Council of Silence don’t have their own will nor the will of the voter,” “Your council doesn’t represent us,” “No legitimacy for any elections before implementing Resolution 2254,” “No to elections, no to the entrenchment of the gang’s ownership of the nation.”

The protesters also raised Syrian revolution flags and banners expressing their solidarity with Syrian refugees in Turkey, reiterating their primary demand for freedom, the overthrow of the regime, and the implementation of UN Resolution 2254.

Representatives from various segments of the governorate’s residents participated in the demonstration, including the Health Sector Union, Professionals Association in As-Suwayda, the As-Suwayda Teachers Union, and the As-Suwayda Engineers Union, according to photos published by Suwayda 24.

They mentioned that “the scorching sun did not deter the protesters from flocking to the al-Karamah Square on a new Friday, continuing their peaceful movement ongoing for more than ten months.”

They added that delegations participating in the central demonstration came from different areas of the governorate, with many villages and events participating in a peaceful popular manner.

Activists in As-Suwayda governorate launched a mobile media campaign on July 1 under the slogan “No to elections,” rejecting the electoral process in the People’s Assembly.

The local al-Rased network reported that As-Suwayda activists aim through this campaign to urge people to boycott the People’s Assembly elections in Syria, considering these elections “superficial and the winners’ names already known, and participating in them entrenches the dictatorial manner in which the electoral process is conducted.”

The organizers of the mobile campaign posted leaflets on walls and electrical poles, in addition to hanging banners and organizing protest stands to convey their message calling for a boycott of the People’s Assembly elections.

Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad issued a decree setting Monday, July 15 as the date for the elections of the People’s Assembly members for the fourth legislative session, allocating 127 seats for the workers and peasants sector, and 123 seats for the rest of the population.


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