Dignitaries’ intervention stops clashes in Daraa’s Jassim

A security operation launched by the Eighth Brigade and factions of the Central Committee against Islamic State cells in Nawa city, west of Daraa - January 28, 2024 (Bosra Press)

A security operation launched by the Eighth Brigade and factions of the Central Committee against Islamic State cells in Nawa city, west of Daraa - January 28, 2024 (Bosra Press)


Clashes between local factions in the city of Jassim have stopped following the intervention of the Central Committee, the Eighth Brigade, and notables from the Horan region to resolve a dispute that caused armed confrontations for three consecutive days.

According to Enab Baladi’s correspondent in Daraa, the conflicting parties reached a preliminary agreement last night, Friday, April 19, which stipulates an immediate ceasefire and the formation of a “legislative committee” to resolve the dispute.

The armed confrontations stopped following the entry of military convoys belonging to the Eighth Brigade and the Central Committee as well as convoys from the city of Nawa and Inkhil as separation forces aiming to force the parties to comply with the arbitration committee.

A leader of an armed faction, one of the disputing parties in Jassim, stated that it is expected to form a committee tomorrow, Sunday, consisting of religious scholars and elders from the al-Jaidour area after the parties agreed to resolve the issues.

The city of Jassim has witnessed three days of armed confrontations involving light and medium weapons and mortar shells that hit civilian homes.

A second leader in Jassim told Enab Baladi that the clashes resulted in the death of two fighters from the city, as well as damage to some homes and the detonation of a house belonging to the al-Jaradat family in Jassim.

He added that these casualties and material damages will be taken into account by the legislative committee to be formed, and it is expected that the committee will address the issue of compensation for those affected.

The local site “Daraa 24” published a report yesterday that an explosion was heard in the city of Jassim resulting from the rigging and detonation of the grain silos, owned by local leader Abdullah al-Halqi, who is one of the conflicting parties.

Since April 17, a dispute emerged between local groups that escalated to using medium and heavy weapons, targeting residential areas.

The clashes continued between two local military factions, with fighters from the same city, during which civilian homes were targeted with mortar shells and medium machine guns.

As a result of the clashes, the civil activities in Jassim canceled the popular “Thursday” market to ensure the safety of civilians from the bullets of the confrontations.

Tribal affiliations dominate the factions in the city of Jassim, with factions attributed to the al-Halqi family in the northern and western neighborhoods of the city, and others attributed to the al-Jalm family in the south of the city.

Daraa province is no stranger to scenes of armed confrontations among local factions that escalated after the regime took control of the southern part of Syria in July 2018, in the absence of effective or deterrent security forces.

On April 7 of this month, armed confrontations broke out in the city of al-Sanamayn between two local factions loyal to the Syrian regime, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 19 people, including children and women.



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