Salvation Govt establishes security court in Idlib

Ministers of Justice and Interior in the Syrian Salvation Government visit prisons in Idlib and meet with detainees held on security-related cases - March 15, 2024 (SSG’s Ministry of Interior)

Ministers of Justice and Interior in the Syrian Salvation Government visit prisons in Idlib and meet with detainees held on security-related cases - March 15, 2024 (SSG’s Ministry of Interior)


The Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) in Idlib is working on establishing a security court that allows the families of detainees to follow up on their cases and appoint lawyers to defend them, following a series of promises and measures implemented by the Salvation Government in response to demonstrations in the city.

The SSG’s Ministry of Interior stated that efforts are underway to establish the court in coordination with the Ministry of Justice, and a working mechanism is being prepared in this regard, following directives from the “liberated area’s command” referring to the leader of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Abu Mohammad al-Jolani.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman, the Minister of Interior in the Salvation Government, told Enab Baladi that arrangements are being made for the establishment of a court specialized in criminal lawsuits with a security subject, and it will be one of the second-degree courts.

He added that the court’s panel would consist of three judges and that a special procedural system would be established to suit its jurisdiction.

The establishment of the court comes after a series of measures implemented by the Salvation Government, including the issuance of a general amnesty for detainees under certain conditions and exceptions, and the reformation of the General Security Service within the Ministry of Interior in the Salvation Government by creating a department named “General Security Administration.”

On March 6, Mohammed Abdul Rahman announced that the ministry had released 420 prisoners under the amnesty decree, promising to release other numbers covered by the amnesty, without any subsequent updates on the mentioned figure.

On March 12, a meeting led by Abu Mohammad al-Jolani with military and civilian figures and personalities in the Salvation Government and the Shura Council resulted in seven outcomes, including the reformation of the General Security Service, and forming a supreme advisory council from people of authority, opinion, and expertise to look into public policies and strategic decisions in the region.

Other outcomes also included calls for elections for the general Shura Council in the region, the formation of a Grievances and Accountability Board, the establishment of a supreme oversight body, a review of economic policies, anti-corruption and monopoly prevention efforts, and the activation of the role of local councils and professional syndicates.

Since February 26, cities and towns in Idlib have witnessed demonstrations demanding the downfall of al-Jolani and rejecting the policy of the HTS and its monopoly on decisions, in light of a military personnel’s death within its prisons, the “collaboration and treason” file, and the torture of detainees.

The Salvation Government, composed of 11 ministries, controls the life’s administration and services in Idlib province, northern Hama countryside, and a part of the western Aleppo countryside, while Hayat Tahrir al-Sham indirectly controls the region economically and service-wise. This has been accompanied by accusations that the HTS is behind many projects described as “monopolistic.”

Abu Mohammad al-Jolani has been at the forefront of some projects, events, and service-related issues in the presence of the Salvation Government’s head and its ministers and has made promises to solve many problems.


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