Russian nuclear entity “Rosatom” plans to supply medical equipment to Syria

From a project launched by Rosatom to build a hydrogen production complex - February 14, 2022 (Rosatom/X platform)

From a project launched by Rosatom to build a hydrogen production complex - February 14, 2022 (Rosatom/X platform)


Rosatom RDS, a part of Rosatom, announced that it plans to begin supplying medical equipment to Syria this year.

The company’s medical equipment department director, Anatoly Myalitsin, told the Russian news agency (TASS) on Thursday, March 28, that the Russian state corporation plans to start supplying dialysis machines to Syria during the current year.

He added that the medical equipment produced by the company will be exhibited at a trade fair in Cairo this summer.

The company’s talk of equipment supply came two days after signing a memorandum of understanding between the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission and the Russian company Rosatom in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy, as part of the ATOMEXPO-2024 forum held in the Russian city of Sochi.

The local Al-Watan newspaper quoted the director of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission, Ibrahim Othman, saying that following the cooperation agreement in the field of “peaceful” uses of atomic energy signed between Syria and Russia, and the memorandum of understanding on peaceful applications in non-energy fields, an executive plan has been put in place that includes supplying Syria with some medical isotopes, as well as isotopes used in “non-destructive testing” conducted for oil pipelines, fuel tanks, and aircraft.

He also mentioned that the agreement included training for members of the Atomic Energy Commission and obtaining three scholarships covering some specializations related to the peaceful uses of atomic energy, in addition to cooperation in other fields such as plasma physics and other applications related to peaceful uses of atomic energy.

The company introduces itself on its official website as specializing in nuclear power and being one of the leading companies in the global nuclear technology market.

The company encompasses firms at all stages along the technological chain, such as uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear fuel manufacturing, engineering and manufacturing of equipment, management of nuclear power plant operations, disposal of depleted nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, with the number of affiliated companies and organizations reaching 400.

The reality of dialysis in Syria is deteriorating in various areas of control and influence, as some patients have to buy medical supplies, while some hospitals suffer from overcrowding and lack of dialysis session essentials, including Ibn Rushd Hospital in Aleppo.


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