New report documents the detention of 376 people in Syria since the beginning of 2024

Prisoners from Iraq and Syria, believed to be members of the Islamic State, in a prison yard in al-Hasakah city - February 12, 2020 (Reuters)

Prisoners from Iraq and Syria, believed to be members of the Islamic State, in a prison yard in al-Hasakah city - February 12, 2020 (Reuters)


The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) documented in its monthly report issued on March 2, the detention of at least 376 individuals since the beginning of the year 2024, among them 15 children and 9 women.

In the past February, the number of detained individuals reached 194, including 7 children and 5 women, and 153 of them became forcibly disappeared.

Syrian regime forces detained 86 individuals during the past February, among them one child and three women; 12 of them have been released. Meanwhile, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) detained 14 individuals and released six of them.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) detained 59, including six children; 14 individuals from them have been released. With regard to the (armed opposition factions/Syrian National Army), they detained 35 individuals, including two women, and released nine, according to the network.

The network’s report, issued on February 2 of the past month, stated that the previous January saw fewer numbers with 182 individuals detained, including eight children and four women, with 153 becoming forcibly disappeared, according to the SNHR.

Concerning the parties responsible for the detentions in January, the Syrian regime forces detained 79 individuals, including two children and one woman; eight people have been released. At the same time, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham detained eight individuals and released three of them.

The (armed opposition factions/Syrian National Army) detained 34 individuals, including three women; 13 individuals were released. As for the Syrian Democratic Forces, they detained 61 individuals, including six children, with 12 of them being released, according to the report.

Since the beginning of the year 2024, 299 of the detained individuals have turned into forcibly disappeared. The arbitrary detention cases are distributed among the conflicting parties and the controlling powers in Syria for the year 2024, with the Syrian regime taking the largest share.

According to the monthly reports issued by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Aleppo province topped the rest in terms of detention.

Casualties of past February

Regarding the toll of casualties, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documented, on Friday, March 1, the killing of 78 civilians in Syria during the past February, among them seven children.

The network’s report indicates that four of the fatalities were women, and nine persons, including one child, were killed under torture. This is in addition to the mention of 18 civilians, including two children, who were killed while picking truffles.

Syrian regime forces killed nine civilians, including one woman, while (armed opposition factions/Syrian National Army) killed three civilians. Meanwhile, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham killed one civilian, in addition to seven civilians, including two children, killed by the Syrian Democratic Forces.


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