Israel strikes regime site in Quneitra

The aftermath of the Israeli bombardment on the area of Sayyida Zainab in the countryside of Damascus - December 2, 2023 (Radio Horan)

The aftermath of the Israeli bombardment on the area of Sayyida Zainab in the countryside of Damascus - December 2, 2023 (Radio Horan)


Israeli aircraft bombed a military site of the Syrian regime forces that it said was used as a launching pad for attacks carried out by the Lebanese militia Hezbollah in the province of Quneitra, southern Syria.

The official account of the Israeli Air Force on platform “X” stated on Tuesday evening, March 12, that it attacked two military buildings along the confrontation line in Syrian territory, where Hezbollah had been operating.

The post added that the attack was carried out after gathering intelligence information, noting that the Israeli military holds the Syrian regime responsible for all actions taking place on its territory and will not allow any attempts leading to the establishment of Hezbollah presence on the Syrian front.

The Israeli Air Force accompanied its post with a video recording showing the moment of the targeting operations undertaken inside Syria.

Channel 13 of Israel reported that the Israeli military attacked the infrastructure of the Syrian army from which Hezbollah operates, concurrent with a barrage of missiles launched from Lebanon towards northern Israel.

It added that the bombardment also included targets of Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory, in an escalation described by the channel as the “most severe” since the beginning of the confrontations in the region in October 2023.

Al-Mayadeen Channel (based in Beirut) said that an “Israeli aggression” with missile shells targeted points in the northern countryside of Quneitra, southern Syria, resulting in the injury of two individuals.

Until the moment this news was published, the Syrian regime has not commented on the targeting, nor has Israel officially announced its responsibility for it.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (based in London) said that two individuals of non-Syrian nationality, it is not known whether they were from Hezbollah or the Iranian militias, were killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes that targeted two sites in the Tal Ahmar area north of Khan Arnabeh in the countryside of Quneitra.

It added that a separate attack also targeted a location near the Ain al-Nouriah area, close to the border with the Syrian Golan Heights, which is under Israeli occupation.

The bombing came six days after the last use of Israeli artillery, which targeted positions of the regime forces around the city of Jasim in the northern countryside of Daraa, without information on casualties.

Israel targets in Syria infrastructure and headquarters for armed groups supported by Iran, which may be deep within Syria, while it routinely responds to sources of gunfire from southern Syria.

Since the beginning of the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip on the backdrop of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation launched by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on October 7, 2023, the border triangle between Syria, Lebanon, and occupied Palestine has experienced varying degrees of tension. There have been repeated exchanges of bombardment to and from Syria, while the Lebanese border has not ceased to be active.

Israel usually announces its responsibility for these attacks, while it does not announce air strikes that target the depths of Syria, which often involve Iranian advisors and Iranian arms shipments, the latest of which was in the coastal city of Baniyas on March 1.


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