Regime’s security forces open fire to disperse demonstration in As-Suwayda

Protesters throw security reports from the Ba’ath Party branch in the streets of As-Suwayda city - February 28, 2024 (Suwayda 24/Facebook)

Protesters throw security reports from the Ba’ath Party branch in the streets of As-Suwayda city - February 28, 2024 (Suwayda 24/Facebook)


The Syrian regime’s security forces fired to disperse demonstrators who tried to storm the security settlement center in the April 7th Hall in the center of As-Suwayda city, resulting in two demonstrators being injured.

The local page Suwayda 24 reported that dozens of protesters gathered today, Wednesday, February 28, around the settlement center, in protest of the security reconciliation process launched by the regime in the city.

In a separate post, it indicated that Walid al-Johari sustained minor injuries due to the random firing by the regime’s forces towards the demonstrators in the vicinity of the hall in the center of As-Suwayda city.

Al-Raased page, specialized in covering the news of the As-Suwayda governorate, published a video recording that shows a civilian injured with minor wounds, which it said resulted from a rebounding bullet fired by security forces around the reconciliation center in As-Suwayda city.

It added that security forces did not directly shoot at the protesters but instead fired shots into the air to disperse the demonstration.

According to three local sources who participated in the protests, the shooting took place after the protesters tried to enter the reconciliation center, but the demonstration did not stop and continued its way towards al-Karama Square in the center of As-Suwayda city.

This was followed by protesters storming the building of the Ba’ath Party (the western branch) in the center of As-Suwayda city, and Suwayda 24 published pictures showing the protesters throwing the security reports inside the building and pictures of regime figures in the streets.

The regime’s reaction to the demonstration near the reconciliation center is considered the second of its kind since the start of the protests, as protesters in As-Suwayda were previously subjected to gunfire by regime forces entrenched in the Ba’ath Party branch leadership building in the city, after protesters tried to close the building on September 14, 2023.

At that time, the spiritual leader of the Druze community, Sheikh Hikmat al-Hajri, called for restraint after tension prevailed in As-Suwayda following the regime forces’ shooting at protesters.

Al-Hajri said in a video recording published by al-Raased page that the stance of the province’s sons and daughters is a “peaceful sit-in” and indicated that the service institutions are keenly protected by the province’s people.

Al-Hajri added that there are two institutions that the Syrian people suffer from, which are the Ba’ath Party institution and the security institution, from which the Syrians have seen nothing but “danger,” according to his expression.

The shooting at the protesters continued amidst ongoing demonstrations demanding the overthrow of the Syrian regime and the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 in al-Karama Square in As-Suwayda city for the seventh consecutive month.


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