Fourfold increase in poultry diesel prices in Syria 

A store selling chicken meat in Syria - December 19, 2023 (Al-Watan)

A store selling chicken meat in Syria - December 19, 2023 (Al-Watan)


The Syrian Petroleum Storage and Distribution Company (Sadcob) announced the increase of poultry diesel prices from 2000 Syrian pounds to 8000 Syrian pounds.

According to a statement issued by the company today, Saturday, January 13, it has approved the recommendation of the Economic Committee to supply poultry farming facilities with diesel at the price of 8000 Syrian pounds per liter.

The price per kilogram of chicken meat in Damascus governorate has reached 43,000 Syrian pounds, and large-sized egg cartons are sold for 65,000 Syrian pounds. Prices vary slightly from one region to another.

With the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations, the prices of broilers and their parts in the markets have risen unprecedentedly. The price per kilogram of chicken cutlets ranges from 85,000 to 90,000 Syrian pounds after being sold a few days ago for a price ranging between 70,000 and 75,000 Syrian pounds. The price of a broiler ranges between 45,000 and 47,000 Syrian pounds after being sold for 40,000 Syrian pounds.

The price per kilogram of raw chicken wings reached around 45,000 Syrian pounds, while the price per kilogram of chicken liver is about 65,000, drumsticks for 65,000 pounds, chicken whole leg for about 70,000 pounds, and chicken thigh for over 70,000 pounds, according to the local newspaper Al-Watan.

According to the S-P Today website, which specializes in monitoring foreign currency exchange rates, the selling price of the US dollar reached 14,600 Syrian pounds, while the buying price is 14,400 pounds. The selling price of the Euro reached 15,992 pounds, and the buying price is 15,768 Syrian pounds.

The Syrian regime government announced on January 11 the granting of a financial advance of 40 billion Syrian pounds to the General Organization for Poultry to secure the necessities of the breeding process.

As reported by the state-run Al-Thawra newspaper, the grant is intended to secure the needs and requirements of the poultry sector, provide feedstock to alleviate the effects of price fluctuations and prevent shortages of the material.

It was previously announced by the General Organization for Poultry that it had received a financial advance of eight billion Syrian pounds to secure production requirements.

The areas under regime control are witnessing a deterioration in the economic and living conditions, which has negatively affected all aspects of life.

The general level of prices is witnessing repeated increases affecting a range of essential food and material products, making it increasingly difficult for the population to make purchases.


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