Jordanian authorities seize half a million Captagon pills at Syrian border

Drugs seized by Jordanian authorities while attempting to smuggle them through the Jaber crossing into Jordan - November 29, 2023 (Jordanian Customs)

Drugs seized by Jordanian authorities while attempting to smuggle them through the Jaber crossing into Jordan - November 29, 2023 (Jordanian Customs)


Jordanian authorities announced on Wednesday, November 29, that they have confiscated over half a million Captagon pills, a narcotic drug, at the Jaber border crossing with Syria.

According to the spokesperson for the Jordanian Customs Department, the customs personnel at the Jaber border center foiled an attempt to smuggle 565,000 Captagon pills. The illicit drugs were carefully hidden in a truck, which underwent thorough inspection in a specially designated area.

The seized drugs were handed over to the relevant security agencies to take the necessary legal actions.

While drug smuggling operations from Syria continue, the Ministry of Interior in the Syrian regime’s government continues to announce the arrests of individuals involved in this trade. The most recent arrest took place in Damascus last Sunday when four individuals involved in drug trafficking were apprehended, along with a quantity of drugs in their possession.

At the same time, efforts to combat these smuggling operations are being made by neighboring countries. On November 1, the 37th Arab Conference of Heads of Drug Control Agencies was held in the Jordanian capital, Amman, organized by the General Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council.

Jordan’s Minister of Interior, Mazen al-Faraya, praised the role of drug control agencies in Arab countries in confronting and combating this menace. Their efforts aim to prevent the cultivation, production, and smuggling of drugs in the Arab region, as well as globally, according to the Jordanian Public Security Directorate.

Jordanian doubts

During the Global Middle East Summit in New York city on September 20, King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed his doubts about the Syrian regime’s ability to control its “territory”.

The Jordanian monarch stated that he is uncertain whether Bashar al-Assad is fully responsible for the country, given the major problem of drug and weapon smuggling into Jordan. He added, “I don’t believe Bashar wants that to happen, and he doesn’t want a confrontation with Jordan. I don’t know the extent of his control.”

According to King Abdullah II, Iran and elements within the Syrian government benefit from these activities. He explained that Jordan fights every day on its borders to prevent large quantities of drugs from entering its territory. This is a crucial issue exploited by all parties involved, including some individuals within the regime, Iranians, and their proxies.


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