“Salvation Government” issues three circulars on real estate affairs in three weeks

A residential building in one of the neighborhoods in Idlib city - 14 July 2020 (Enab Baladi - Anas al-Khouli)

A residential building in one of the neighborhoods in Idlib city - 14 July 2020 (Enab Baladi - Anas al-Khouli)


The “Syrian Salvation Government (SSG)” in Idlib province has issued three circulars over the last few weeks to regulate real-estate transactions in the area.

A proof of ownership to harvest the olive crops

The SSG asked the owners of lands planted with olive trees adjacent to the contact line crossing points to review the general directorate of agriculture.

In a circular issued on 3 October, the SSG stated that farmers, upon reviewing the directorate, should take a document from the local council proving their ownership of the land. This document should include the property’s registration number, the name and space area of the real estate zone, and the number of olive trees, to obtain an authorization from the directorate of agriculture that would enable the farmers to harvest their crops.

The SSG justified these measures by taking care of the farmers’ safety and the upcoming olive harvesting season.

A warning to sellers of state land

The SSG warned the citizens, especially the internally displaced ones, not to buy state-owned land from any person or entity.

In a circular issued on 14 September, the SSG said that buyers would bear the results of buying lands owned by the state.

The SSG warned in its circular against “those who exploit the difficult conditions of the displaced people to sell them state property, claiming that it is their property.”

The SSG added that it would take all “restraining” measures against those selling state lands by punishments such as imprisonment, fines, and so on.

An informed legal source told Enab Baladi that it is prohibited to sell a property belonging to the state under any circumstances, and if so, the selling is not binding and illegal.

As for state property buyers, they cannot obtain any legal status for their purchased lands no matter how long, according to the legal source.

The legal expert added that this sale is considered a fraud crime, as the seller, according to article “641” of the Syrian Penal Code, is punished by imprisonment from three to five years and a fine from 10.000 Syrian pounds (SYP = 4 USD) to 50.000 (SYP = 21 USD).

The sentenced person does not benefit from mitigating circumstances, the suspension of the execution, or the suspension of the sentence in effect, for the convicted person disposed of immovable funds that he/she has no right in.

The prevention of real estate construction without building permit

The SSG banned the establishment of any residential or commercial building or any infrastructure project, including water, sanitation, and other works, or any occupations of any kind for these properties without reviewing the “directorate of local administration and services” in Sarmada district.”

The SSG required citizens to obtain a building permit, written approval, or construction license, along with all the necessary documents for the works to be performed.

In a statement released on 12 September, the SSG said that violators of the licensing decision would be subject to prosecution, in addition to financial, administrative, and legal deterrent measures against the employer, the lessor, or the seller.

The SSG justified its decision by pointing out the many violations of public and private property outside the executive master plans of cities and towns.

The director of the “technical services directorate” in the SSG, Mustafa Hajj Latouf, said previously to Enab Baladi that building permits has not stopped in the city councils. He said the SSG has begun to grant construction licenses in the towns and villages of Idlib countryside.



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