Al-Rai’s local council organizes public auction for leasing farmlands

A farmland in the al-Rai town in north-eastern Aleppo (Muhamet Kadu Oklu)

A farmland in the al-Rai town in north-eastern Aleppo (Muhamet Kadu Oklu)


The agricultural office of the al-Rai town’s local council, north-eastern of Aleppo city, announced on 22 September an auction for renting its farmlands in the town.

According to the announcement, the subscription date for participating in the auction starts from 22 September until 13 October in the agriculture directorate’s building in the town.

The auction subscription fee amounts to 100 Turkish liras (TL = 12 USD), which is not given back to its owner whether he/she wins the bid or not.

While the auction insurance fee is 1000 (TL = 127 USD) to be returned to its owner if he/she did not win the bid and is seized if the owner violated the auction conditions.

The land area is between two hectares and 20 hectares (20,000 -200,000 square meters), located in nine villages of the al-Rai town.

The director of public relations of the al-Rai’s local council, Alaa Hamad, said to Enab Baladi that the farmlands put up for the auction were owned by the Syrian regime government’s agricultural associations.

He added, the local council now owns the lands, as they are included in the regulatory plans as state property, and are invested in supporting the council’s revenues.

The director of the agricultural office of the al-Rai’s local council, Mohammed Fawzi Abdullah, said to Enab Baladi that the council has been organizing public auctions to rent its own agricultural lands, which are planted with wheat, barley or lentils, according to the tenant’s choice, for three years now.

The local council of the al-Rai town was established in 2016 with the support of the “Syrian Interim Government (SIG)” and Turkey, to regulate service matters in the town.


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